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Why Riddle Transfer 2 will never be done

2011-07-04 03:20:51 by JonBro

(Post originally titled: Why Riddle Transfer 2 won't be done soon)


A lot of people have been asking when Riddle Transfer 2 will come out.

I don't know the answer to that question, but I feel the need to state the reasons why I know it will be a long time.

I have had a busy schedule recently. I just took a four-day trip out of town, and when I came back, my computer decided to break, completely ruining my plans to get anything productive done in Flash. Almost immediately after that, my family dragged me along on another trip, which is the one I'm on now, and my computer is not fixing itself. When I get back home from this trip, my wisdom teeth will be taken out, and I'll have to leave again to see my brother get married. When that's done, I'll jump into a busy school year, and that guarantees a serious handicap on the time I csn spend working on making Riddle Transfer 2.

I'd like to remind everyone that the development process for a game is long and arduous anyways. If I didn't have to be away from home so much, and if I didn't have any upcoming schoolwork to mull over, this game would still take months to make, taking into account all the research, the concept art, the puzzle-planning, the storyboarding, the dialogue, the backgrounds, the cutscenes, the effects, the programming, the debugging, the extras, the everything.

I appreciate the concern. I want this game done as much as those who have asked me about it. But it's honestly quite frustrating when people don't seem to grasp the time it takes to make something like Riddle Transfer. And on top of all that, I need to take my time. I'm under the risk of making a game with not enough creativity due to the nature of its setting. I'm under the pressure to make a game that meets the expectations the first game set. It can't just be a 'good' game, and as long as that's what it is, I won't release it.

So far, I have drawn a single room of Riddle Transfer 2. This is the same number of rooms I had drawn for Riddle University before I dropped the whole idea and turned it into the one-second slap-in-the-face that is Riddle School 4 due to the tireless requests for another Riddle School game.

I won't quit working on the Riddle Transfer series. Not with what I have in mind for it. But I just want to let you know, if you're wondering when RT2 will be done, it will be a very long time from now.


Riddle Transfer series has been cancelled, redirect to this post:


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2011-07-04 08:22:56

Awww... I was just starting to enjoy that series. Oh well, better late than never, so long as there is going to be a Riddle Transfer 2 sometime soon I cant really complain.

JonBro responds:

None of the games have deadlines, I've had less than a month to work on RT2 so far, and the first game took over seven months to make. If you don't mind my asking, I'd like you to define 'late'.


2011-07-05 17:28:13

I completely understand. You siad RT1 took 7 monthes to make. I have this character named Timmy and i've made stories of him on FaceBook. You can use him if you want. If you want to i'll send you the picture i made of him. Don't be suprised if the drawing is crappy. Mainly cause i'm a 9 year old kid.

JonBro responds:

You have better grammar than most users who are four years older than you =P


2011-07-06 09:15:48

Not a big deal, take all the time you need. You didn't even need to make riddle transfer 1 so people have no reason to hassle you about it. Oh and P.S. 2,500 paper clips + woof = :).

JonBro responds:



2011-07-06 14:08:43

I woudn't of expected Riddle Transfer 2 to come out soon anyway. :P

JonBro responds:

*high five*

That probably wasn't the most appropriate time for a high five but I just felt like it.


2011-07-06 21:02:20

also, where did you get your awesome sense of humor

JonBro responds:

I don't know the best way to answer this question. Everyone has a different sense of humor, and mine just happens to appeal to a lot of people. I've found a lot of influence over the years from comic strips and videos, so my current sense of humor may have been kinda shaped from whatever I've found to be funny from those things.


2011-07-06 22:54:04

All long as there "will" be a RT2 I'm Okay with it being "sooner" than expected.

JonBro responds:

All right, expect it in the year 2036. It'll be easier to make sure it comes out a lot sooner than that if I don't give anyone very high expectations!


2011-07-07 11:18:30

1, finish it >:O.

2. I lost the game.

JonBro responds:

1. okay >:O

2. Well... I declare you the winner.


2011-07-07 13:18:46

The game was very beatiful, but what's happened with Diz?
Please finish make Riddle Transfer 2... I will Wait for it.

JonBro responds:

You probably already know that I won't tell you what happened to Diz in this message. But yes--I shall work on it! My computer has been fixed at last :)


2011-07-07 16:05:41

We even have friend box! ...ah, the companion cube, as a parody, silly hot diggedy demon, i cant wait for the next season!

JonBro responds:

You can't go downhill if you start at the bottom of the hill, you nitwit!


2011-07-07 21:12:59

Thank you for th answer...
I will make other question: Why did you call the characters Phil, Prhed, Zack and Smiley?
Sorry for ask you these questions, but the game is so interesting and i want know much of it.

JonBro responds:

Oh, I don't mind the questions. I'm pretty sure I've never been asked this question before, so that makes it an especially interesting one to answer.

I pretty much came up with all the names of the characters spontaneously, in the same several minutes that it took for me to draw them in their chairs.

Phil's name, before his full name became "Phil Eggtree", is actually just the short form of my middle name, Philip. His attitude toward school represented my own attitude toward school when I made the first game, so that's probably why I kinda named him after myself.

I had the idea in my head that Phil and his best friend should both have names that start with "Ph", and "Phred" was just the first thing that popped into my head. Some might say the name looks awkwardly misspelled, but for some reason, it seems like a perfectly normal name to me.

When I drew Smiley, I had already drawn the other school students bald, so I was trying to come up with a baldheaded design that looked sorta female. It didn't exactly work, but I came up with a smiley face character. My sister actually used to know someone named Smiley, so I named the character Smiley because it was a real person's name.

Zack... That's strange. I honestly don't have the slightest clue where Zack's name came from. I don't remember thinking about his name at all, so my best guess is, I just liked the way the name sounded.


2011-07-07 21:32:37

Is smiley related to blockead

JonBro responds:


No, but I can see where that question came from.


2011-07-08 16:31:25

can I haz hug? is my question o.o

JonBro responds:

I regret to say I can only offer a cyberspace hug.

*cyberspace hug*


2011-07-08 21:11:29

It sounded like Diz crashed when he escaped. I heard a noise when he got out.

JonBro responds:

The noise you heard was supposed to be the big doors closing behind Diz as he left. ...But I'm not going to say anything about whether or not he crashes.


2011-07-09 00:06:47

Ok we are now going to say sentences with one of us saying 1 word and the other saying the next, like i say "how" and then you say "are" and i say "you" and after that we could have a response like then you say "just" and then I say "fine" if you understand, then cool, you start

JonBro responds:

Sorry I don't understand :(


2011-07-09 09:41:19

Take as long a time as you need Jonbro. You'l still get it done sometime at least

JonBro responds:

Taking a long time is the plan. You might say I'm going on a SPEED STRIKE.


I apologize. Your name is cool, by the way.


2011-07-09 11:26:44

I know that this has nothing to do with RT2 but do you want to listen to a story. It's that one I was talking about earlier. Timmy'sSchool

JonBro responds:

I spose


2011-07-09 16:54:06

Ah, well even if this game comes out 2 years from now it'll still be just as good so I'm not complaining. Honestly I didn't expect the games to continue at all after Riddle school 3 and even then I wasn't upset at all. So in my mind I am currently in no situation to complain. I do want to thank you for making the riddle school games, they have been a great inspiration to me for a while now. Keep up the good work but if I can ask one thing it's that I think it'd be nice if you gave the characters more character, right now they all just fall under one adjective except for Phil, so it' be nice to get to know the others a little more. And I know you prolly wont answer this question but is the heat thing with Zack permanent or will he slowly regain his average temperature as an iceburg?

*Insert WGJ4K reference here*

JonBro responds:

Well, you're cool. And thanks for the constructive criticism--I'll try to develop the other characters more.

Zack's temperature will remain pretty consistent. He'll be on fire for a good long time.


2011-07-11 01:29:47

i can't beleive this 1. are you kiding me? 2. if you don't do it soon i am going to tear my hair out 2. plase hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-07-11 21:32:15

I started to play your Riddle School series about 2 days ago. I instantly fell in love with them. I think that your Riddle Transfer game is probably the best out of all the Riddle games. I understand that a flash game can take a LONG time, but I will wait 20 years or longer, as long as there will be a Riddle Transfer 2. I can't complain. :)


2011-07-12 13:51:18

No one can complain because of all of the trouble you go through. Any one who complains about it being too long to make can make a game or evwn a series as good as the riddle school series or something


2011-07-13 13:59:14

I think that in Riddle School 4, Smiley's profile mentioned something about her marrying another smiley-faced man...referring to NinjaCube's question, did Smiley marry Blockhead?


2011-07-13 14:02:13

Also, as a side note, I noticed that Zack's personality is different in Riddle Transfer. In School, he was kinda nervous, now it seems he's easily angered.
BTW, I think that considering how much work you put into these things, people shouldn't be mad, though I know others have said the same thing.


2011-07-15 18:54:44

As of right now do u think that riddle transfer 2 will be a game people will want to play over and over?


2011-07-16 15:30:39

You need SPEED PEP to finish RT2 soon >:3

Got it? SPEED PEP! :3


2011-07-16 22:15:10

I ask you four questions and a commentary:
1)Why you made Riddle Transfer?
2)Did you play it?
3)why you called the games Riddle School and Transefer?
4)Why ``Transfer┬┤┬┤?
5)Don't stop make Games, Movies and Riddle Series


2011-07-16 22:17:16

Because you are an awesome Game Maker :)


2011-07-23 01:07:05

Hey jonbro could you make a emo/cool character plzzz and ohh can phil say "pokemon" hehehe i just like all the characters and maybe you could draw a crocoodile done "the greatest point and click games make it top 1 newgrounds :)


2011-07-26 17:21:59

Jonbro Ok I'll let you take your time in peace


2011-09-10 09:49:09

i'm actually happy that its taking so long, you can take your time with it. if you were to rush it, it would probably be terrible.


2011-09-17 07:54:00

I know you have no idea when RT2 will be done, but do you have an estimation for when it will be released?


2011-10-03 15:34:02

I don't care how long it takes to be made, as long as it's made.


2012-01-30 20:43:38

why you make zack a negative temperature on RS episodes and very high temperature on RT


2012-04-28 13:14:15

if only there was some way we could help


2012-10-18 16:42:20

I Really Want To Help Make RT2 But You See Im 8 And Dont Have Much Creativity Right Now BUT I cCould Help In A Couple Of Months So... Reaspond ok? Oh Yeah Im Also Not Good At Spelling.

JonBro responds:

Riddle Transfer 2 will never be made. Period.


2012-11-15 10:39:47

Well....... I would not expect riddle transfer 2 anyway...................... Don't be that mad please...... I would not force you!


2014-01-07 06:54:37

You cannot cancel them everybody will be dissapointed so undo the cancellation you done or else i will come to your house and do it the hard way.

JonBro responds:

After cancelling the series a year and a half ago due to a severe lack of motivation and ideas, revealing all my discarded plans for the series, deleting all my original production files for all of the Riddle games, dropping the username "JonBro", and putting more of my time into projects I've been more excited about making for significantly longer than Riddle Transfer ever existed, I'd say spending roughly five years continuing a series I couldn't make anymore even if I wanted to (which I really don't) is definitely "the hard way".


2015-04-14 21:50:36

exactly when was this post released? Because here I am, living in 2015 and most of the comments I see here were posted around 2011-2014 and if you tell me the posting date I might be able to make an educated guess of when RT2 might come out.

JonBro responds:

This post was released July 4, 2011, although I'm not sure why that makes a difference.
My personal educated guess is that I won't ever end up making RT2.


2015-09-22 14:12:29

riddle transfer 2 or death...

its a riddle!

JonBro responds:

I choose death, by old age