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Entry #111

Riddle Transfer 2 and 3 progress

2011-08-18 22:15:13 by JonBro

Riddle Transfer series has been cancelled, redirect to this post:


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2012-09-27 15:07:28

I hope you make it soon JONBR-oh


2012-07-03 06:02:26

When is Riddle transfer 2 OUT???


2012-06-26 20:39:40

omg i spelled "riddle" wrong lol


2012-06-26 20:39:07

i love your riidle games make a big series cause your creation is the very fun i love playing


2012-04-18 19:46:27

Now is a good idea to continue RIddle Retold. Because where will they go after they escape, They have to go somewhere and Now you have a reason to do riddle retold. Its the original time and the teachers and the obstacals can now be changed to your likings to a harder and yet satisfying stage. This is just a word of advice. This i think will be a good idea to end off the riddle series!

JonBro responds:

Riddle Retold was Riddle School 5's dream chair sequences.


2012-04-15 20:38:28

tell me when it comes out cause i love playing this .i just can`t wait so i`ll replay the whole series.
s tell us please!!!!


2012-02-29 16:32:10

If riddle transfer 2 comes out I'm going to try draw it.


2012-02-25 13:52:16

how long did it take for you to make the first game? And how long do you think it will be till Riddle Transfer 2 is done? Can't wait to play it!


2012-02-01 08:23:59

witch program do you use to make riddle school series and riddle transfer ?


2012-01-24 06:42:12

I think you should have the riddle school 4 university but like in the sewers and all abandoned.You could also have some some old riddle school series.


2011-12-21 10:53:14

I got a few ideas;

The flying pig from RT1 could have gotten lost and ended up in the sewer, where it gets injured and blocks Phil and his friend's way, and they have to get something called NRG that's hidden in the sewer to get the flying pig enough energy to fly away.

Ooor, instead of the pig, have chubb become so fat he actually broke through the ground into the sewer, and Phil has to find a cookie so they can get Chubb out of the way.

And I know messy was seen in Mock Mess Lake, but maybe someone at Zone 5.1 pressed the button after Phil left, and Messy was sent back, but Messy got stuck in the sewer.

Just some ideas.


2011-12-18 17:09:06

I think Chubb should lose weight, and have Chubb's mom even fatter than Chubb was before. Then All can Say: Wow, we've been here for a while.


2011-11-11 16:00:41

I have another Idea...for part 2 or 3 or whatever part...if its in the sewers or something you could have like 5 be there and Phil like what re you doing here..(at the end of the game BTW) and have 5 or Greg or someone be like...I always hang out here, and have them show them the exit and the exit is through a lose pannel in the elementary school.


2011-11-11 15:56:40

For the Flying Pig to appear you should have Phil talking to someone about letting them pass through a door or something and they say..."yea, when pigs fly..." Then the flying pig fly's by and then Phil looks back at her and he/she says "ok fair enough, you can pass." BTW How far are you into the whole story of the game? Oh yea..and one more question..... Y did you create this game..I mean what gave you the idea???


2011-10-03 19:22:05

Jonbro go on youtube and search up animusic acoustic curves. You might not like the music at the start but it gets incredible after! So watch the whole video!
Oh and btw theres crazy animation!


2011-10-03 08:25:44

Jonbro whats cool is that right after beating Riddle School 4 the next day RS5 came out and than after finnaly beating RS5 after almost a year the next day RT came out.
Isnt that kinda wierd?


2011-10-01 15:45:15

well, if you're interested, on the site from the author, the first chapters are released for free(even without download) as a demo, so you can see if you like it.

just search on google on browse inside gone grant, you cant miss it


2011-10-01 04:12:24

wait, you've never been reading books? if i can give you a piece of advice, you really should read the Gone novel at some point. it`s the best series of books i`ve ever read.

it`s about a normal village where somehow every grown-up just dissapears. everyone above 15 is just gone. its a must-read book if you ask me.

JonBro responds:

Well, I've actually read a good many books. I just feel like 95% of all the books I've read have been a waste of time. So I tend to avoid books in general now unless I think they'd be useful to me.


2011-09-30 20:40:58

You're right :)

And I'l be sure to check out that book.

JonBro responds:

It's one of the few books I've ever read, and I can honestly say it completely changed my perspective of art and life when I read it. It's truly genius.


2011-09-30 10:17:37

You should draw an extremely detailed Phil and put it in the art portal.
It would be cool!

JonBro responds:

At some point I realized the thing that makes Phil's design special is its simplicity rather than its detail. Others can connect better with a simple character than a complex one. When you watch a movie, are you more likely to put yourself in the shoes of a near-photorealistic caricature or a faceless stickfigure? When a character doesn't have as much of its own identity, the viewers can fill it in with themselves.

Understanding Comics is a good book by the way.


2011-09-28 17:12:51

Love the two new Lp's that your making! Especially starfox :)

JonBro responds:

Thank you :) It's taking a lot of planning but I'm glad it seems to be worth it.


2011-09-26 20:43:57

I don't have any ideas, my mind is blank. :/ Good luck wiht RT2...cant wait until its done :)


2011-09-25 22:51:19

For my Paper Mario poster idea does your response mean yes no or maybe?

JonBro responds:

It means no, but not because I don't like the idea. It would fit better with something else, but I hold the Riddle Transfer series quite dear to me, and I don't want to just throw blatant references into it.


2011-09-25 13:52:31

Cool game, can you give me a hint where the reference is?

JonBro responds:

You see it for a split second in one of the cutscenes, and that's all I'm going to say about that.


2011-09-25 10:10:15

What is VVVVVV?

JonBro responds:

I would explain it, but it's much easier to just link to the amazing demo.


2011-09-24 21:53:00

You should put a poster in an RT game that shows Paper Mario in a battling pose in the Gllitz Pit arena with words above saying, THE GRRRREEEEAAAT GOOOONNZALES

JonBro responds:

I could, although I typically only reference Flash games and obscure indie games.

There's a split-second VVVVVV reference in the first Riddle Transfer. I'm not sure if anyone's noticed it yet.


2011-09-24 14:53:34

Look what I made out of boredom 74


2011-09-24 13:37:53

Have you ever beaten the pit of 100 trials? I have but it was soooooooooooooo hard!

JonBro responds:

I haven't even attempted it yet. But I want to at some point.


2011-09-24 08:36:36

Forgot to ask. Who's your favorite partner? Mine is Yoshi

JonBro responds:

Probably the one you get in Chapter 4, which is probably the only partner who would qualify as a spoiler. Cool powers, very helpful during the final boss, part of one of the more interesting plot twists.


2011-09-24 08:26:38

I Love all of the chapters but 3 would be my favorite and 6 number 2

JonBro responds:



2011-09-23 15:25:56

That's my favorite game too!

JonBro responds:

Ahhhh yes. What are your favorite chapters? I personally enjoy 3 and 6 the most.


2011-09-22 21:38:54

If star Fox 64 is your 2nd favorite game, what is your favorite?

JonBro responds:

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. I don't even like RPGs that much and it's great to me.


2011-09-22 07:41:46


JonBro responds:


Madness Day is the only reason I remembered what the date was today.


2011-09-20 07:27:31

what will be your third Let's play?

JonBro responds:

It's an N64 game, and that's all I'm going to say for now :)


2011-09-19 12:18:20

Haha! Wise choice on not to make the series too exgerated!

JonBro responds:

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to with this comment, but I appreciate it!


2011-09-17 22:52:36

yo JonBro..I suggest..make mario to save them..LMAO..I'm just about making them found some strange fruit...when they eat the fruit..each of them have different super powers!(hope you respond)..hehe

JonBro responds:

Zack's constant burning fever is the closest thing to a super power that I'm going to give any of the characters, lol


2011-09-17 16:31:50

Finish rs2 before working on rs3.I have changed my mind on several of my projects during creation,thus making them a lot different than anticipated.

JonBro responds:

I'm absolutely sure that my plans for storyline and settings will not change. In fact, I'm sure to the point that I really could work on the fifth game in the series if I wanted to. If I hadn't written out the entire series in stone, the first game wouldn't even be online.


2011-09-17 10:58:31

I know it'll be a while,but when you're almost done riddle transfer 2,will you make a preview or something first?

JonBro responds:

Since I don't really want to spoil anything, probably not, but I've thought about doing that before.


2011-09-17 09:21:51

ARGH,again.... kidnapped by umbrella corp.

JonBro responds:

I saw your message the first time and felt no need to respond to it.


2011-09-17 08:07:57

planning done
intro animated
rooms drawn
everything else

what does evrything else mean?

JonBro responds:

It means everything else ... ?

Like inventory, cutscenes, programming, dialogue, all that stuff.


2011-09-16 12:36:51

hey JonBro i saw on youtube you just quitted your lp "the legend of spyro"(i understand why i watched the whole thing and good pic:))

but you have any idea whats your next lp since you quitted it?

JonBro responds:

The next one I have planned is on the N64. I just need to find time to record some of it.


2011-09-15 17:50:54

what do you mean by rooms drawn ?%

JonBro responds:

I've drawn part of one of the rooms, but I don't know how many rooms there are going to be yet, lol


2011-09-15 16:10:26

Jonbro do you plan to make a third riddle series after riddle transfer?

JonBro responds:

I don't know yet. I'm not promising anything.


2011-09-15 15:25:10

Do you know when your next lp part is comming out?

JonBro responds:

They come out almost every day.


2011-09-14 15:29:34

Jon, i would definitely add you on my facebook or twitter, if i dont think they are both gay. Do you have messenger? Can i add you?

JonBro responds:

I have a Twitter, which is 'tehjonbro'.

I... kinda have a Messenger, but I've never really enjoyed using it, so I never sign on.


2011-09-13 23:17:18

nuther random- and after i thought about it- creepy question but, outta teh newgrounders that is your fan, wood (lol wood) you say i am (an iams dog? no) won (wait? victory?) of your fans you know most well (INSERT RANDOM INPUT HERE) and if u can read this after all of the random stuffs, props to you... ok, fine

nuther random- and after i thought about it- creepy question but, outta teh newgrounders that is your fan, would you say I am one of your fans you know most well?

JonBro responds:

These are weird enough questions that I don't feel comfortable answering them.


2011-09-13 23:10:28

my main thinking of quiz would likely be him bein orange... i haz no idea why?

can u haz random creeper attack but fail at it? this idea was as random as the creeper idea would be but, itd be a lot like from stealing the daimond

JonBro responds:

I never really picture what Quiz looks like, but if I had to draw him, he would be blue.

Stealing the Diamond is a very different game from Riddle Transfer. While I enjoy the jokes in that game, I don't think that same kind of humor would work for what I'm making.


2011-09-13 21:12:24

kidnapped by umbrella corp.?


2011-09-13 12:20:29

xDxD, sexual intercourse lol, i get it


2011-09-12 18:07:53

hey jonbro, are you going to make a pain on the brain 4?

JonBro responds:

I started working on PotB4 with my friend, but he and I have barely been able to make any contact with each other for the past eighteen months or so, meaning it's kinda likely that it won't be finished.