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Entry #111

Riddle Transfer 2 and 3 progress

2011-08-18 22:15:13 by JonBro

Riddle Transfer series has been cancelled, redirect to this post:


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2011-08-19 04:20:55

you could make it in the sewers since they're probably gonna go down to escape from those agents and sorry for dying so many times in the LP


2011-08-19 11:49:48

Put an alligator in the game. You could make it block something important in the game like the door to get out of the sewers.


2011-08-19 14:38:10

make it all a dream... oh wait you already did that. :|


2011-08-19 17:50:36

didn't you already make riddle school 2? lulz

JonBro responds:

Oh snozborfus, you're right. lol changing that now


2011-08-21 03:31:54

Idea-You should have some of the characters from the previous games in Riddle Transfer p2 (Chubb, Five, Greg, Richy). You could make atleast one of them,l appear somewhere in the game.

Cheers mate!

JonBro responds:

There are plans for that in Part 3, but since none of those characters were kidnapped by the agents of Zone 5.1, I'd have no place to put them in the other games. But I guess that's not common knowledge. Thanks for the message, sir!


2011-08-22 09:51:07

For ideas, maybe you should think about what you DIDN'T want to do with the Riddle Schools and maybe take those into consideration, since this is a spin off.

Easter eggs maybe?

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

What do you mean by that first part, exactly? I can't really think of anything I didn't want to do with the Riddle School games--or, at least, nothing that I liked. Pretty much every fun idea I had throughout the course of the series, I utilized whether it seemed ridiculous or not (like Phil's sudden death, or the way a whole game took place in space).

Easter eggs wouldn't amount to much in a point-and-click game where you can interact with virtually everything and unlock special features, but they're not outside the realm of possibility. Maybe I could find a place to put a secret. We shall see.


2011-08-22 10:58:26

Hmm... Riddle Transfer 2? When is that coming out? Well, I think that in the beginning, Phil and the gang should escape the sewers (Don't make that so focused) and they end up back in the suburbs but get lost in a nearby forest (if you decide to make something like that) searching for Diz. Diz finds them and tells them the way home. The rest is up to you. Sorry if this is so lame! I don't think you'd do this, though.

JonBro responds:

Unfortunately, I won't really know when it's coming out until I've finished making it. And I've already decided on where each game in the series will take place (that's one of the first things I planned, apart from the story), so I already know that RT2 is going to take place entirely in the sewers. But I'll try to make it interesting enough that the focus doesn't seem like a bad thing.


2011-08-22 20:56:57

Perhaps you can bring Diz's backstory (if there is one) into the story maybe, as in RS5, he seemed to change his own "auras" as the sidekick going from bad to good.

Also, maybe an outlook of the city that the gang actually live in. Give it a name, maybe the whole point and click can be used for the central part of the city?

JonBro responds:

Diz doesn't have any kind of backstory. ...but that would have been cool.

Zone 5.1 is in the desert. I'm not sure how well I made that clear in RT1, but yeah, there's not really much in the way of cities.

I should make a FAQ or something for these suggestions because I feel bad about leaving people uninformed and then saying my set plans conflict with their ideas.


2011-08-23 17:45:40

Sewers have dirty water... Maybe a Part where you dive into that Dirty Water and have Limited Time (Air) to complete some puzzle?

JonBro responds:

I personally prefer not having any timed puzzles in the games. There is plenty of dirty water, though--the idea is that you're not supposed to enter any of it because you'll get measles for the rest of your life. Many of the game's puzzles will revolve around getting past any water that there is.


2011-08-23 20:07:47

I like the dirty water idea by Aamelo but personally I think it would be cooler if you just had to find a way to get passed it instead. :)

JonBro responds:

Yep, this is what I'm doing. There's going to be several puzzles in the game where you get past dirty water.


2011-08-23 20:47:12

is it strange that when you swore in the clock day post that it suprised me so much that i had a hard time believing it

JonBro responds:

I rarely swear, so no, that's not strange at all. Hopefully you don't think too differently of me now.


2011-08-24 00:52:06

In the end of RT2, you find Diz whearabouts and you play as Diz in RT3. That would be nice.

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

Actually, with the intro I've been making, you find Diz's whereabout straight from the beginning. And I've already planned out the gameplay locations for RT3, RT4, and RT5, so I know who will be playable in each of those games.


2011-08-24 06:29:33

tentacle monster?

JonBro responds:

Tentacles... I haven't thought about tentacles. That is an excellent idea.


2011-08-24 12:19:14

Room idea : slip through a room full of IRS agents and their elementary school daughters.
Perhaps it's "Take Your Daughter To Work Day" in one of the rooms and the 3 boys have to find mops, plasticized insects, and curtains to make girlish wigs, butterfly hair berets, and dresses so they can pass unnoticed to the other side of the room. And they have to get outfits that meet Smily's standers (because if the boy's outfits are garish, all the girls in the reception hall will stare at them, and their IRS fathers will instantly know something is up.)

I guess the above idea would require:
1. A janitor who can be persuaded to give you his mop if you find him a swimsuit magazine...
2. An animal/insect research lab and a can of supper hair spray....
3. A room with a two-way-mirror (or maybe it's called a 'one way window?') that features a family in their living room watching TV. (their living room would have windows in the background that have drapes)...
4. Possibly a picture of a unicorn taken from a monster manual or a sign telling IRS agents 'to be on the look out for these dangerous extraterrestrials' that one of the boys can tape to his shirt.

Puzzle idea: Room rotator control panels
Maybe four or five rooms in a long row could be designed to rotate or change places.

For this puzzle, the 4 kids would have to split up and communicate via walky-talkies. One kid stays behind at a control panel to control which way to rotate rooms further ahead in an attempt to create a pathway to an exit or something- and to do it so that all the kids rendezvous in the last room together.

There are 4 or more panels, each in a different room, but each only controls one direction of movement. (I believe there was one room that rotated like that in the forest temple level in LOZ: Ocarina of time)

I'm not very good at describing. If I knew how to post a picture in this comment, I would.

JonBro responds:

I have plans already for walky-talky usage, strangely enough. It serves a similar purpose to what you have in mind.
Your explanation is pretty detailed, although some of it is a little too in-depth for my taste. (That's not a bad thing.) A few of the things you said (like the room rotating and the one-way window) were quite interesting and there's potential to make puzzles out of them. I don't know if I will yet or not, but I'll seriously think about it.

Your description is fine :)


2011-08-24 21:07:40

THEY MEET TIMMMY!!!!!! I HAZ PICTURES jk maybe you could put earthworm jim or muntant turtles ANOTHER FREAKING GAURD DOOR or a boss fight :D

JonBro responds:

One of the things you just mentioned is already in the plans, but I'm not going to say which one :D


2011-08-24 21:50:21

@obeybuny Isn't the IRS for taxes

JonBro responds:

Yeah... But they're not a pleasant sight, so I can see why they'd be confused with the Zone 5.1 agents.


2011-08-25 01:34:14

Temp Character - How about a Talking Alligator that guides them which way to go but doesn't do any of the puzzles?

Info of the Alligator - Created in Zone 5.1 to talk like Humans and was was in The Mock Mess Monster's (Messie) Place before escaping, Somehow and Hid in the Sewers ever Since?

Obstacles - How about Electric eel's that are put there for Security (So the Alligator can help them cross it if the path is broken but They still have to do a puzzle of some kind to get rid of the eel's somehow) and Electric/Non Electric Bars Bars?

JonBro responds:

I wasn't thinking of putting very many creatures in the sewers, but after seeing a few suggestions, I'll have to think about putting in an alligator/crocodile of some kind. Probably no talking ones though--I think animals that we're familiar with shouldn't be able to talk in the real world, which is why I made the creature communicator in RT1.

I've wanted to do some kind of electricity puzzle and haven't thought of a way to do this. Having an electric eel could be fun.


2011-08-25 21:17:25

Have Chubb decide to sit right in front of an important door (of all places!) again just to piss everyone off.

JonBro responds:

lol, that could happen in RT3. I had something else planned but that idea is funnier.


2011-08-26 02:47:04

Have the sewers have a negative effect to everyone of Phil's friends, exept him. Phred becomes super hyper and jittery, Zack becomes super cold again, and Smiley becomes very sad and depressed. To cure Smiley, have Phil discover a cannon-like toaster stuck in between the sewers and space. You would need to put a poptart and some cat fur in order to activate it. There, in a short scene, Nyan Cat pops out of the cannon and it starts to fly out into space with it'srainbow and stuff. Back at where Phil was, he finds a piece of it's rainbow in a jar. There, you will cure Smiley. The others, you'll have to come up with your own, or you can contact me. I'm happy to help. This seems a lot of work though...

JonBro responds:

This is one of the most interesting ideas I've ever read.

While none of those thoughts will work for Riddle Transfer 2 (and I might not be able to fit it in any of the rest of the series either), that negative-effect thought is very cool.


2011-08-26 02:53:39

lol, thought up that you can enter a girl's bathroom now with Smiley. You are adding multiple characters now. There should be a part where you climb up somewhere which leads you inside a toilet. Signs should show you where the different genders you would arrive at if you climb up the sewage pipes. FTW for signs in a sewage.

JonBro responds:

Oh, wow. ...That girl's bathroom idea makes so much sense, I might have to put some random restrooms in the sewer just for that. Yes. There are going to be restrooms somewhere now.


2011-08-27 09:41:54

Hi! I haven't talked to you in awhile, but don't worry, I'm not dead... (read all the way through please, this IS riddle game related) if you remember I made a lets play suggestion for halo, so obviously I'm a fan of it. This made me think of how it has halo anniversary (a remake of the first game) and now I'm wondering if you could remake the first riddle school, all new graphics! Because we all know how phil looked in riddle school 1... be honest, you know weren't as AMAZING then, lemme know whatcha think. ;)

JonBro responds:

I actually don't remember the Halo suggestion. But I wouldn't do an LP of it because I'm not really a fan of Halo. It's not my cup of tea. I don't like tea either. But it's fine if you like Halo, and/or tea.

I see what you mean, and yeah, the first Riddle School didn't look that great. But I like it how it is and I wouldn't take the time to remake it. It's just a little reminder of how much the series has developed over the years.


2011-08-27 21:26:23

I personally would like to see the flying pig become a recurring joke...perhaps a near death for one of the characters, who is, at the last second, saved by the pig, as his way of paying Phil back

JonBro responds:

I'd like the pig to reappear, but I really see no sensical place for the pig to be. And that idea's a bit extreme...


2011-08-29 10:30:31

Hey um...i'm working on you have any ideas for it?

JonBro responds:

I can't say that I do, sorry.


2011-08-29 21:46:15

PHIL RIDES ON FREAKIN' NYAN CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......Wow..
....uh......they have to kill someone in the game? jk


2011-08-29 21:55:01

Obstacle - I thought of an idea where to do an electricity puzzle (not the puzzle itself though), an Abandoned Sewer Control Room of some kind that

1 - Redirects Sewer Pipes so they can go in it to a new location.
2 - or Redirects them so the Sewer Water there so the Water there becomes less so they can go to the next room
3 - or Redirects them so the Sewer Water that blocks their path (The Sewer Pipe is on the Wall that blocks their path)
4 - The controls open and close doors and bars/electric bars to the next room
5- Opens lights in the Sewers

Finally maybe in one of the rooms contain Night Vision Goggles?

JonBro responds:

I sorta did the redirecting-sewer-pipes thing with the Messie puzzle in RT1, but maybe I could do it again differently.

Night Vision Goggles. Intriguing...


2011-08-30 16:52:18

Fake Riddle School 7 poster? LOL :L

JonBro responds:


That sounds fun. But I'll probably wait until RT5 to do that and just have it say "Riddle School 10" instead.


2011-08-31 17:50:50

Simple idea for a puzzle: have one part of the sewers flooded with water and you can't get in without draining it. There are three parts in which you would have to do this. Phil stays behind and finds one drainer in the near first part of the game. There is no stick to drain it, so you would have to use some kind of blunt object. Zack and Phred(have to control both of them) would fall down a waterfall. They almost fall down into a whirlpool but instead, they fell on the cement part of the sewers. This leads to a new part of the game they would tell you something is gleaming down the water. They find another drainer but it needs a key in order for it to open. Put some rope for them in the game so that Zack would tie up Phred into reaching down into the water, finding the key. Then, for Smiley, have her go into the girl's bathroom and flush the toilet so that the toilet could also be drained. All of them meets up and heads to another location possibly.

JonBro responds:

That's a pretty wild explanation. I'm not likely to use most of those ideas for reasons I can't state. But the idea of flushing a toilet for a certain purpose is great.


2011-08-31 18:59:52

Sewers! it just occured to me! is messy going to be back? since i think messy was thrown through the sewers into lake mess or whatever? And thanks for randomly mentioning me above

JonBro responds:

I've thought about referencing Messie in the game, but Messie's just going to stay in his lake.


2011-08-31 20:07:20

Since You Deniled Riddle School 7 Poster... Why not a Cake is A Lie/Portal Reference with this one? b20100610110820/half-life/en/images/a /a0/Cake_picture.png

JonBro responds:

I kinda think the whole "The cake is a lie" reference is overdone for no good reason. I haven't played much of Portal, but from what I can tell, that line isn't meant to be funny, and it's not funny in other contexts. I don't know--if I decided to reference Portal, I'd probably use some other random line from the game.


2011-08-31 23:24:30

Have Phred use his whistle at some point of the game. Maybe to distract a monster or something...


2011-09-01 22:14:15

For Riddle Transfer 5 you should end it where it all began: The original school.

JonBro responds:

I've always liked the idea of starting and ending a story in the same place, but I have different plans for RT5.


2011-09-01 23:16:45


JonBro responds:

Bah, who would play that?


2011-09-02 01:41:32

Make them trapped in the sewer with agent of Zone 5.1 and Phil will figure out how to make them escape.


2011-09-02 01:48:34

Oh yeah.and make someone among them have to sacrifice their life so the last 3 can escape.I suggest Phil to die.

JonBro responds:

I can't tell if you're joking about this one.


2011-09-02 17:03:05

ooh! if you wanna reference a random line from portal either make it "whats ur point anyway?Survival?" or "now your thinking with sewers" instead of "now youre thinking with portals" not for you, but for the fans!"


2011-09-02 17:22:52

An easter egg with Indiana Jones' skeleton.


2011-09-03 17:38:49

Maybe Phil and friends find a small group of people living in the sewers, and they know the way out of the sewers. However, they get kidnapped by an alligator and Phil has to find them so he and his friends can escape.
Maybe Phil accidently touches some toxic waste and that causes him to become really dumb, and then the game goes into a tag team mode where you can switch between playing as Smiley, Phred and Zack, each with their own unique abilities( Phred can use his whistle to stun enemies, Zackwill work like he did in RT1, and Smiley can use her knowlege to read foreign languages on signs found in the sewers) and together they would have to find an antidote for Phil.

JonBro responds:

"Maybe Phil accidently touches some toxic waste and that causes him to be come really dumb"

I won't be using that idea, but that is priceless.

Unbelievably, one of the ideas I had was actually to allow Smiley to read foreign languages. I've been surprised how many ideas I've come up that others have thought of separately.


2011-09-04 10:25:16

if we say you ideas where not saying walkthrough sometimes? mm.... Phil goes with the gang to the sewers where they find an gigant tentacle monster blocking the way they need to shoot it with a pistol...

the remaining part is for you

JonBro responds:

I like ideas that leave some imagination space. Not sure if there's anything I can do with a gun, though.


2011-09-04 10:27:51

messie got trapped in the sewers ?

JonBro responds:

The problem with that is, he's seen in Mock Mess Lake, which goes to show he didn't get stuck along the way.


2011-09-04 10:31:04

they can have gun or something like that because there are agents! it can be used!

sorry for making many reviews; my brain splits an idea everytime

JonBro responds:

Nonsense, don't apologize :D


2011-09-04 14:54:18

congratz you finished your lets play! and dont have ideas for RT2 sorry

JonBro responds:

lol thanks


2011-09-04 21:22:40

When i saw you was gonna make that you can play with 2 characters i was like:
"!@#$% yes!"
Anyway, i thought after RT1 it would get hard. LEMME HELP U!

When they get to the sewer, they will find out that....

i give up. I CANT GET ANY IDEAZ! 3:

by the way, im addicted to minecraft. you should try it. my favorite mob until now is the Skeleton. My favorite Passive mob is Sheep. But i heard about a myth of HEROBRINE and now im scared 3:

heyyy, will you implement Herobrine or "HIM" in Minecraft? Maybe you could add that Phil haves to fight boss enemies, and Herobrine would be the penultimate enemy, with the last being Viz(HE SURVIVED SOMEHOW AHHH!!) But one of the bosses could also be Fiery Dino Piranha(super mario galaxy FTW)

JonBro responds:

I don't really plan on playing Minecraft. I feel like it's probably healthier to just make fun of it rather than get addicted to playing it =P


2011-09-04 21:23:24

when i said
"Will you implement herobrine or "him" in minecraft", i meant Riddle Transfer 2


2011-09-05 15:07:06

-Have Phil's friends get captured and taken away, then he has to utilize the items in his inventory and the environment to rescue them back, by stealth of course. Could create a distraction or one way or the other.

-Have them escape to the streets at some point, where later they need to run down the sewers again. E.g. Got cornered by the special forces teams both times.

- To stick to the riddle theme, there should be a puzzle where you need to befriend, say, a local sewage alligator and ask him to clear the enemy that's blocking Phil and his friend's route. Phil still has that animal-to-human communicator if I remember correctly.

- Have the sewage connected to a place somewhat similar to Journey to the Center of the Earth to make it more entertaining, that, or just a abandoned crime syndicate HQ to spice it up. You can make natural hazards with the former and automated traps (locked doors, electrified fence, etc.) on the latter for some more puzzle.

- Lastly, it would be lovely to see a Speluker or a Johnny Rocket Fingers ( /3106 35) cross over. =D

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

I don't want the series to be too repetitive. Since this is already the second time Phil and his friends have been taken away by a secret organization, I'd rather them not get caught over and over again. That's just something to be cautious of as a designer.

Phil left the creature communicator in the machine at the end of RT1. I did that intentionally so that he couldn't communicate with any more animals in the series. I guess he still could befriend a sewage alligator, but since I don't know how to do that, I don't know how Phil would do that, lol

Crossovers and references are fun, but I like to use those in moderation. This series is very important to me, probably more than most people realize. I'd like it to be as original as possible.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a really weird book btw ... every time the author said "lost all consciousness of existence", it bothered me because that's a really drawn-out expression for "blacked out." XD


2011-09-05 21:49:12

what if viz falls to earth and he ended up in the sewers. and please promise me this. please don't let phil die again!


2011-09-06 11:10:13

heres an idea!

thers a drunk agent in the sewers and throws a stun gun sombody but then it rebounds of the ceiling and it stuns him.

why hes in the sewers?
because he got so drunk that he fell down the manhole and found some random
years supply of beer.(DONT ask were the beer came from)


2011-09-06 16:29:37

So..... have you decided what the main theme will be yet?

JonBro responds:

I sure do. Most of the songs I'm planning on using, I've downloaded, so that makes things a bit easier.


2011-09-06 16:30:17

sorry.I meant theme SONG.


2011-09-07 13:40:52

can you tell a good joke, im bored

JonBro responds:

A bar walks into a bar.

The two bars have sexual intercourse.


2011-09-07 17:36:21

RS1. Nothing
RS2. Nothing
RS3. No you're a bear/ no, you shut up
RS4. Quit Quitting
RS5. *Angreh Face!*
RT1. "NO!"
RT2. ???
Well, what's it gonna be? I was thinking of something I also wanted to be wall writing if you catch my drift. ;) and if not it's cool, but can I at least know cuz it's one of my favorite things in riddle school (sad, i know, but i love seeing what it'll be)

JonBro responds:

I'll think of something. I was kinda lazy with Riddle Transfer's Quit button, so I'll try to make up for it with something more interesting in the second one.