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Entry #123

Riddle Transfer 2

2012-10-25 11:40:59 by JonBro

EDIT (June 4, 2013)


Originally this post was a link to an unlisted video on YouTube of my deleting the original files for the Riddle School and Riddle Transfer series from my computer. There were a few people (certainly not the majority) who believed I was joking around about the cancellation of the series, and I made this video in an attempt to convince them otherwise because it was rather frustrating to essentially be accused of lying to my fanbase.

The intentions of the previously mentioned video have unfortunately been misunderstood time and time again, so I've decided it is best to replace the video with an explanation.

I care about the people who play my games, and I care about making games for people to play. However, I've come discover just how important it is not to just acquiesce to the requests of fans, whether they're being demanding or they're being polite. I have to follow my inspiration and create the games I'm most interested in creating, because only then will I increase my potential as an artist and be able to develop even better games.

Sad though it is, I've come to terms with the fact that the Riddle Transfer series is not something I feel is worth completing, for fear that it may suffer the same fate as Superman III and IV, or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I don't think anyone wants the Riddle games to become completely unnatural or monotonous, so instead of pushing them too far, I've opted to work on fresh games I can really have fun making.

I am still sincerely sorry to those who are disappointed by this, because I am, too. But at the time that I type these words, it has been exactly eleven months since I cancelled the Riddle Transfer series, and I still don't regret my decision. I've learned a lot in this past year and will try to apply it to amazing new things

Neither my sense of humor nor my love for puzzles have changed too much since I made the first Riddle School, so don't think the heart or spirit of Riddle School has gone away, either. I feel confident that I will one day apply similar humor and puzzle-solving to a new project.


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2012-10-25 12:05:36

I guess you do mean it! Seriously though, the folks who would ask you for more of the same, can't be for real. I respect the artist behind the work, enough to maybe whine a little, but not to badger despite your rational reasonings.
You did what few creative people have the stomach do to: burn your old work and start anew. Good luck with your clean slate and prodigious testicles.

JonBro responds:

This is quite possibly the very best response.


2012-10-25 12:56:15


Riddle School......gone.....forever......I'll miss all characters.... :(

Off-Topic: Someone made a crappy Riddle School 6. While it's far from enough to make it up for the loss of the Riddle School/Transfer/Manor/Mansion/Eye/Company/Reto ld/School 5(Bad), it's actually quite fun to see.

Link: .edu/projects/kryphone/1444710

Remove the space.


2012-10-25 12:56:31

Correct link: 10

JonBro responds:

Yeah, I played that a while back. Pretty sure that was before I made Riddle Transfer. It's admirable, but also full of game-breaking glitches.


2012-10-25 17:04:08

Don't tell me you really dumped ALL of those files.


2012-10-25 17:08:57

You didn't do that. Please don't tell me you did that.
OH MY #@%£.

My life has no meaning no more.
Nah. Can't wait for your new game.
Riddle School Forever.

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

Oddly enough, my computer doesn't have much more free space than it did before, but it still felt really good to dump all those files.

And I'd sooner kill myself than make any more Riddle School games. That's not a joke.


2012-10-25 17:30:27

LOL. I get ya.


2012-10-25 18:27:02

Youre really tortured about that whole franchise. sheesh. i always knew you hated being badgered about it but i guess i never thought it was that irritating


2012-10-25 18:55:23

Yeah, the game froze after Phil, Phred, Zack and Smiley got out of Quiz's base.

Also, I have mixed feelings about how you scrapped the Riddle series. Part of me knows it was a wise choice, because I've been through that aswell. Sucks to not be in the mood to finish something, yet you must complete it. But, another part of me is completely against stopping the series, and that it must continue.

The predominating(is that even a word? If not, I meant 'biggest') part is the one that understands. Oh, by the way, what were all the main menu icons from Riddle Manor?

JonBro responds:

The main menu icons for Riddle Manor were mostly blank, but I think one of them had Phil in a Newgrounds tank.


2012-10-25 21:48:10

Riddle manor had potential... or at least the hamster part, I totaly respect what you did though. If I was in your postion, I would of done the same exact thing.


2012-10-25 22:00:51

Was that desition hard to make? i mean, did you erase everything because you wanted or because everyone demanded a new game, even though i wasn't their desition?

JonBro responds:

This wasn't exactly a momentous decision. I'd thought about doing this for a while, and the continued requests pushed me over the edge.


2012-10-26 00:17:15

Dude, you were still getting requests after you clearly told everybody it was over and explained the rest of the series so people knew it was finished for sure? And even after you made Riddle Rantsfer? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?


2012-10-26 10:51:51

That was the first time I ever hea- well, saw really, you cuse (I'm referring to your Response to Confusedbatman). But you have all the reason. People have pestered you to the point you have deleted the whole series, people need to understand the concept of letting go of things you love. He is an artist (a damn good one at that) and it has been time for him to work on other projects, hell it's been that way for a while, so people stop pestering him before he goes any further. seriously!

JonBro responds:

I very rarely cuss. Only when someone seriously angers me. But yeah, thanks for the compliment, and I think that you're exactly right.


2012-10-26 18:30:13

POURQUOI JONBORO POURQUOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was the main reason for quitting something that u worked so hard on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(:(:(:(:( POURQUOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JonBro responds:

In essence, I felt imprisoned and tormented by my obligation to continue the Riddle School series for so long. It kept me from making things I really wanted to make, and the stress of meeting expectations caused me great pain and depression.


2012-10-26 18:44:02

Didn't need to be so...drastic :P


2012-10-26 19:43:50

When it comes to the point where you have to delete your files, I think it shows how much people can be stupid over the internet. You did the right thing. Riddle School was a fun series but I'm sure that your next projects will be much greater and worth the wait. Thanks for the hours of entertainement, man. I appreciate it.


2012-10-26 22:20:16

remember that time I voice acted for you and the project never gor made? It was before the name change. Anyway forget all that how are ya doing?

JonBro responds:

I feel shame in saying that I honestly don't remember this. Could you remind me what that was? Or I could forget it like you said, either way.

I'm doing pretty well today. Feeling a sort of swirl of emotions, both good and bad.


2012-10-26 22:20:17

will you work on any other flash? games? movies? is this one of your "lack of inspiration" parts of your life? like in other parts of your animation history?

JonBro responds:

I certainly will. I've worked on a number of project, but partway through most of them, I realize they don't have much potential to be interesting. So I guess you could say I've hit a "lack of inspiration" speed bump.


2012-10-28 11:17:26

Well I'm not going to call you a hypocrite... but you kind of are, you said to me to keep your work and look back at it all so you can look at your progress over the years, well... unless you have all those files copied somewhere else I'm a little pissed at you.

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

I'm not a hypocrite for deleting my original creation files. I said I'm done with the series and I don't want to continue the series, and this confirms that. But that doesn't mean I won't still go back, play my own games, enjoy them for what they are, and try to learn from them. The Riddle School games have taught me so many things, and they still hold value to me. It's not like I plan to erase them from the web--that would be truly foolish.


2012-10-28 11:27:21

I honestly don't remember. I would have to check out my other computer to see if I still had the files... Ancient history anyway.


2012-10-28 12:43:13

Haha! Boss!!


2012-10-30 00:31:58

You make a good point, and I never posted my Videos on the internet, I struggled with the decision of posting the videos on the internet, it never happened.

JonBro responds:

There is something I should say that might go against something that I said before, but I'm not really sure. I do hope that you give animation a fighting chance if you're at all interested in it, even if you don't think you have confidence in yourself, but it's true that animation is not for everyone. So if you have a greater interest in another kind of art or completely different hobby, I say you ought to pursue that and build yourself up in that activity however you can.


2012-10-31 10:59:21

this is a weird question but can u make a game with Zack Kelvin in it or anything

JonBro responds:



2012-10-31 11:10:42

So the Riddle series is gone for good from your computer. If I was still the 11-year old scapeartist101, I would insist that you continue the Riddle series, but if your decision brought peace within you, I won't argue. But it was enlightening after reading the synopsis of the RT series. So now that you have solved your problems about that issue, are you gonna start a whole new point-and-click game series? I'm just asking due to my curiosity. And one more thing. Are you really eighteen? It's because I'm turning 14 this November, and I could have sworn we had a 2-3 years age gap.

JonBro responds:

Yep, I'm 18. I don't think I'll make another point-and-click game series, but I may make another point-and-click game at some point, though it would be completely different from any of my other games. And thank you :)


2012-11-01 21:08:13

i dont blame you for making such a decision, as this kind of thing might have made such a hard time in your life, especially for that fact of being 16 or 17 and you study for the SAT's and do this kind of thing...... cant imagine the PRESSURE! i go to Bronx Science, and i cant seen to THINK what it was like for you
but JUST a point: Krinkels has continued his madness series for 8-9 years, and i cant seem to imagine why you would like to quit on you series on which you worked so hard on, but considering your age and pressure, i cant complain.
Go live your life free and happy...... i sincerely mean it, though i am some random pers--- er--- pony on the internet.

JonBro responds:

Most animators I know of have left behind their most beloved works and moved on to new things--I think Krinkels is really one of the rare exceptions. I honestly have no idea why he's clung to the Madness series for so long without working on any other kinds of projects, and that's part of the reason I stopped watching his animations a long time ago. Still, not everyone has the same creative ambitions, and it's working well for him, so I can't blame him.

Thank you ... uh, Applejack, I guess ... ?


2012-11-01 21:53:59

i guess he clung on to it because i think madness animating is easier than frame to frame animation, and not to mention programming or game developing.
it is your life, and you do what you want to pursue.
go be a software engineer (just naming a job) or go to college, if you are going to it.

JonBro responds:

Actually, most of Madness is frame-by-frame animation. He rarely uses tweens. But I guess the Madness style is still easier to work with than most.


2012-11-02 05:57:13

when my brother see this video he was like : "No... I wanted to try out the Riddle Manor and the other removed games..." Me :" He is busy like our eldest brother, having some pressure... that's all..."

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

Well, pressure or no pressure, none of the deleted games will be coming back. And they honestly, legitimately were not even playable games, so there wasn't anything to 'try'. I'd say it's because they were unfinished, but calling them "unfinished" is giving them a bit too much credit--they were "not even started" games.


2012-11-03 16:27:21

@applejack and Jonbro, The reason Krinkels has clung on to his work for so long is because He didn't want to disappoint everyone, people wanted his animations to continue, even though he wanted to stop several times, he was motivated by the people who loved his work so much, Although I don't think that the series will continue on for a much longer time, it is a very good series. Jonbro you had/have a great series to, and I won't compare it to the Madness series because your series is a video game, and it is an amazing series, Kind of like SCP.


2012-11-04 05:11:00

Damn... I still have your private message back when Riddle Transfer came out. I was worried it would come to this for reasons you have listed (scope of project, time and dedication required, etc.).

However, I didn't anticipate your intention of renovating the point and click genre only to find the audience for Flash media to be incompatible with memorable and meaningful experiences (namely games). I'm sorry to hear that it had to come to this, and to read that the story and characters you have created for this series aren't developed enough to your desired standards.

I can only take comfort in the fact that you have learned so much from this (I do consider Riddle School/Transfer to be one component that built the foundation of your experience), and that your standards will bring out something that may one day help us move on from Phil and his friends (least we got to see Smiley look more feminine).

I kind of wished you would allow permission for someone else to finish the story, but then again, I don't know who would've taken the reins anyways. Well... Newgrounds is all that's left of the adventures of Phil and his very strange and surreal educational experience. I suppose all I can do now is shut the hell up and look forward to whatever you're passionate to work on. Perhaps maybe build up a portfolio and then join Telltale Games in reintroducing the Point and Click genre to the industry. Although I get the feeling you're also interested in renovating other areas in the interactive entertainment industry.

Well, best of luck to you and sorry we bothered you about a series you just wanted to move on from. We're fans of your work, it can't be helped (though the video did the trick).

JonBro responds:

I agree with you on all points, except the little part about someone else finishing the story, but I understand that idea as well. I appreciate the perspective.


2012-11-04 15:03:35

Riddle School Apocolypse. R.I.P Mr.Eggtree

JonBro responds:

...and welcome, Mr. Shark desktop background!


2012-11-04 17:20:48

My friend maya made pics of Phil Zack Smiley and Phred


2012-11-04 17:25:22

will u be my friend

JonBro responds:

Sure I suppose


2012-11-04 23:40:59

I love you! Be my friend please?

JonBro responds:

Sure I suppose


2012-11-05 06:00:55

I agree with the post earlier, about keeping your past work as mementos, so the series must have really haunted you that much. Would like some hints to anything that you're working on or planning as such!

Fuck you're 18? Deeper voice than mine. Jesus.

JonBro responds:

I think I've finally learned not to give any hints on my future projects unless I've already made some really good progress on them and actually have an established deadline for when they might be done. I've always unwisely gotten people's hopes up about projects I've never been 100% sure I'd even finish. That just puts more pressure on me and makes me feel like I'm letting others down.


2012-11-05 07:27:48

You brought this upon yourself. You didn't need to have riddle school 4, because Riddle school 3 was high school. Who would ever want to escape university? Someone who doesn't want to have good life? You did bring this upon yourself. What I don't get is why you needed to continue the series. Instead of having him die in riddle school 4, you could have just made anothe game and have him go to his job.

JonBro responds:

You're right, I did bring it upon myself, because I didn't know better. And that's why the series made almost no sense whatsoever.


2012-11-05 19:44:54

wil u b mi fren and et ic crem wif me every dai wile killing dinosworz ples i lov ur mom

JonBro responds:

Sure I suppose


2012-11-05 19:53:14

I agree DoctorSCREAMS except I belive you didn't have to make Riddle Transfer instead of not making Riddle School 4. I loved Riddle Transfer but I was really startled by your idea of making 4 more games after that and I figured this might happen. It seemed strange considering the hell it gave you and the entire premise behind riddle school 4. I wish you good luck in your future projects.

PS: Do you have any plans for future animations? I really like them but I don't think you've given them the same amount of care as you do your games.

PSS: Cake

JonBro responds:

You're right that I haven't given as much care to my animations as my games. I want to make more animations, I just find games more fun to work on now, and I think there's more depth to them.


2012-11-06 19:08:49

On an unrelated note, I was playing the crap game #1, and ever since I haven't been able to stop drawing those cowlions...

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

That's awesome XD


2012-11-08 05:24:46

why did you rid of riddle school !!! ?? whats the cause !!!.......

JonBro responds: /post/732398


2012-11-08 14:16:11

JonBro, I remember. Whether you liked Riddle School 4 or not, I loved it. I still look at the special features and read all of the ways people die. I'm still laughing. You put a lot of effort into this game. I loved it. It doesn't matter whether it was your favorite game or not, I loved it. It really was cool to have Chubb's dad trying to kill you. I believe it actually was a good series ender, but majority won ,and you had to make Riddle School 5. And you don't have to make Riddle Transfer 2 like that, just edit Riddle Transfer 1. Oh wait, you deleted it. You can't edit it now. Oh well...

JonBro responds:

I really like Riddle School 4, too. Although I'd still call it my third personal favorite game in the series, because the games I made after that--RS5 and RT--are my real favorites. I don't regret continuing the series as long as I did, because I believe RS5 and RT were both worthwhile experiences, both for me to make and others to enjoy. I just wish everyone would shut up about my making any more, because I'm not doing it.


2012-11-08 16:06:22

U MAD BRO? I was very curious about how Riddle Retold would look but life goes on...... we'll never know :-(

JonBro responds:

I already made Riddle Retold. That's what Riddle School 5 was.


2012-11-11 09:15:08

as much as i understand why u did this i really don't

JonBro responds: /post/732398


2012-11-12 00:00:30

Just caught your review of Jae's new Plungerdog, probably one of the nicest reviews I ever read :3
So, you didn't free up much HD space... thinking of any new projects?

JonBro responds:

New projects are on the wayyyyyyyyy


2012-11-12 15:33:06

It had to be done.


2012-11-12 16:37:22

I find it strange that I've been waiting for your next flash project, and progress is going in reverse... I mean, fuck the riddle school series, but is this more 'reverse engineering', you're learning the personal aspects of flash by deleting what has made you? So you know, in the future, when to not give in and end it before you give ANOTHER person insomnia for a week?



2012-11-14 07:34:59

Just end your misery by deleting it. I would agree in everything you do. Just go ahead of your life! Go fo it, Jonbro! It had to be deleted off anyway!

JonBro responds:

Yep, well, that's what I did! Thanks for the support.


2012-11-25 08:59:49

im so upset

JonBro responds:

Neither of us gained anything by your saying that.


2012-12-01 15:41:13

If your going to make an RPG game, I can suggest Ideas. Respond back and I'll tell you.


2012-12-17 09:26:10

well i guess it had to be done...
but just wondering,
what had you planned for this series?(in about, i dunno, 10 words?)

JonBro responds:

I have the plans for the series written in a whole bunch of words here: /post/732386

I'd summarize it in ten words by saying, "Phil and friends escape facility, games would have been dull."


2013-01-09 18:04:45

Do you at least know what song you would have chosen for RT2? You choose the best songs :3
If the answer is yes, could you tell me?..

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

Oh. I never noticed this post. Sorry about that. I don't go back through the comments of most of my older posts, since I have over a hundred of them and there aren't notifications to tell you which ones have new comments.

I had a song planned out for most of the RT games, but I couldn't really find "the right song" for RT2. I found a couple of songs that could have been decent, and that's about it. I might use them in another Flash game at some point.


2013-03-09 00:16:03

Well, that was a pretty blunt way to show everyone that you're done with Riddle School forever. There's no way that can be blunter than that.