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Entry #125

New Start, New Game

2013-02-14 01:55:31 by JonBro

Four months in the making, I've completed a new game called [Revive], which can be found right here!

On another note, everyone personally thank Luis for telling me my coins look like fruit in pixel art. Without that critique, this project would have been completely different.

New Start, New Game


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2013-11-26 15:52:51

Awesomest game ever.


2013-04-07 04:05:18

Oh, I see. Sorry for asking dumb questions.

JonBro responds:

Not a dumb question, it was an honest question


2013-04-06 20:33:14

I have an unrelated question: Why do you put a space between links? newgrounds does not censor them or anything...

JonBro responds:

Newgrounds automatically puts spaces in any long string of text.

asdfjlaskdmfalskdfmlaksdmflaksdmf laskdfmlaskdfmlfnklaskdnflaksmdfl kasmdlfkmasdlfkm

^ (So, I didn't put any spaces in that, for example.)


2013-04-03 20:11:49

Phew, finally got time to play the game.
At first it looked like a simple puzzle game, but after level 19, it really had a backstory.
I liked the fact that the father and the other siblings had angel wings while GOV had demon wings.
I had to look at a walkthrough to know how to continue instead of getting the bad end, and also for two grapefruits, but at least i did both time trails and the expert levels by myself.

P.S. Do you have the song that plays during the time trails? I know that it's pretty much the same as "Command" but I like the time trails one more.
Great game anyway, thanks for sharing it with us.

JonBro responds:

You can listen to that song here: 5_3GclsMRc
I don't have it up for download anywhere, but I probably should. You could always try converting the video to an MP3, I suppose.
Thank you very much!


2013-04-02 23:45:36

OK im only submitting this comment once XDLOL ok I finally got the grapefruit! all of them yes time trial is next wish me luck!


2013-04-02 23:20:06



2013-04-01 18:50:34

This was epic got 1 more grapefruit on 18! I can't do the time trial! I keep getting nervous and messing up! Any tips?

JonBro responds:

You had 8 of these comments before so I went ahead and removed them fore you. That happens to everybody, so no worries there.

The best tip I can give is this video I made which contains my best attempt at the Time Trial Run: fVUZhMHp-E
It helps to memorize which direction you need to start going at the beginning of each stage, and depending on how you're beating Room 13, you might not realize it's possible to beat it a little bit faster which the technique I have in the video.


2013-03-30 07:38:53

Maybe a Pico's School parody but made a bit less violent?

JonBro responds:

Oh shaddup


2013-03-30 06:55:26

After thinking about it, I prefer you not make a riddle school, what's next? there is such a build up for the next one, the pressure alone, eh, just keep on trucking.

JonBro responds:

I'm not 100% sure what's next but I'm excited to find out : P


2013-03-25 11:34:53

Hey Jonbro, you might remember me from a couple of post back. But anyway I just wanted to say great game:) Best of luck in your next project!


2013-03-14 15:42:13

Hey, JonBro, Can I put your Riddle School games on my website? I'll say " All Credit To JonBro".

JonBro responds:

I s'pose so


2013-03-03 00:24:09

so, what's your next awesome game going to be?

JonBro responds:

I always wish I knew. I come up with a lot of ideas I don't end up finishing, so I have to wait until inspiration hits that stays with me, and when that happens, it'll still take a while for all the details to come together.


2013-02-24 18:30:41

I watched your point-and-click tutorial, and I made the key a movie clip like you said, but when I typed "on(release) {
}", it told me the script would only work for buttons, not movie clips? Help?

JonBro responds:

I'll respond to your PM soonish when I have time. The only quick advice I can give is, check and see where the ActionScript is, and make sure it's in a movie clip and not on a frame.


2013-02-23 18:49:14

This game is just incredible. This is a big step up you've made. I started playing it the 3rd day it came out and finished it that day. I felt as if I needed to finish this, also it really put my mind to work, and to think of several different ways to get to certain platforms. This game kind of reminds me of portal.
The only reason why is because of the testing. But, this is quite good I was actually shocked by the logs. I look forward to seeing more games from you Jonbro. :D

JonBro responds:

: D


2013-02-19 22:12:42

incredible game its really addicting im impressed looking forward to more of your work


2013-02-18 10:19:43

My laptop needs an update or something. I can barely jump and move in the right direction.



2013-02-17 18:16:30

One does not simply beat room 37 without screwing up first.

I spent more hours than I did on the tile puzzles in riddle school 5, and that's saying something.


2013-02-17 10:48:25

A continuity issue, on the Day 28 log it says he's about to test the Life Syrup on a guy with a plateu for a head, but when you change everybody back from grapefruits they all look just like the main character.

JonBro responds:

Yeah, that probably could be considered a continuity error... but I don't know if I'm really able to change that one without changing a lot of stuff, so it'll probably have to stay how it is.


2013-02-17 00:03:26

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks on behalf of flash gamers everywhere for going through your reviews so thoroughly! It's really nice to see, especially the way you've made changes to your game so quickly in response! Amazing :) Really looking forward to seeing more stuff from you cause it's pretty much definitely going to be brilliant.
Also, Medianhansen is probably a troll so don't worry about the crap he was spouting! Seems like he hasn't even got past level 5 lol -_- So yeah, this is my way of doing a little more than clicking the little red minus sign XD

JonBro responds:

Yeah, I looked around at some of his other reviews. I don't think he's intentionally a troll--I think he's just extremely pessimistic and troll-like by nature, which is unfortunate, to say the least.

Thank you for the kind response! I'm trying to get around to all the changes as much as I can. There are still a few things I need to look into.


2013-02-16 22:47:45

Better learn now, but learn a soft language like Lua first, or just jump right in and learn C++, which is a powerful language in my opinion, if you want a GUI learn Visual Basic or C#.


2013-02-16 20:45:31

Are you going to be dabbling in flash forever? or are you going to learn a new language and make stand-alone games on your website?

JonBro responds:

Haven't completely decided yet... Right now, I can't think of a time I would ever completely stop using Flash, but it may or may not be less useful to my work over time.


2013-02-16 19:01:31

That ending was pretty...FRUITY!



2013-02-16 18:43:12

Why don't you hire some Chinese people to make Riddle school then put your name on it? like ASrock

JonBro responds:

Because ml


2013-02-15 22:24:41

Okay, it's a great game, but I don't get the bad ending. If he drowned in the Eternal Life Elixir, shouldn't it have brought him back to life right away?

JonBro responds:

Hey, how would it work out if you were trapped in a container full of liquid and kept getting brought back to life? It wouldn't end well :P


2013-02-15 18:15:13

Any other games in progress? I know you just released [REVIVE], but I beat it, and then I was just like, "Alright, what next?" XD [REVIVE] was AWESOME, btw! :)

JonBro responds:

I'm never completely sure what's going to come next. I have a lot of ideas in progress and no way of telling if or when they'll get finished. But thanks much :D


2013-02-15 17:24:34

Either way, although it's not a riddle game, it's still a puzzle game

JonBro responds:

I have to start somewhere.


2013-02-14 18:29:51

They were supposed to be coins originally?! hahaha

JonBro responds:

Yeah, there were coins in [Respawn], which worked well enough. I think Luis told me they looked like slices of fruit. I went a step further and made them look as much like fruit as I could, and things just happened from there.


2013-02-14 18:10:46

can you put revive on your website. i wanna show my friends tomorrow, but my school blocked newgrounds -_-

JonBro responds:

I definitely have plans to do that. Didn't plan on doing it quite this soon but I guess I can put it up now and edit the details later.


2013-02-14 15:41:21

[REVIVE] game is awesome, those games that makes history.
You should release a second part and so on.
I have to say, I haven't done the under 4 mins challenge cuz my brain was about to explode :)

JonBro responds:

That is awesome to hear! The only way I would make a sequel to [Revive] is if I came up with enough ideas to make it unique and interesting, and I'd like to use that creativity to make other things, but I won't completely rule out the possibility. Many thanks :]


2013-02-14 12:22:39
Because flash is for noobs

JonBro responds:

Ooh. If I ever decide to make any more pixel-based games, that seems like a pretty sweet link.


2013-02-14 08:14:52

Sup, it's Chibi. So lemme spill my thoughts, yo.

So, the concept. You're a....lifeform. Trapped in a laboratory (at which point I expected something close to the story/plot of Portal :P) But then...things take an interesting turn. A potion....or in this case "Syrup" is discovered which allows you to revive yourself after "dying". An intriguing concept for sure. I've definitely never seen anything like it, as far as the manipulation of life and death. It must be incredibly agonizing to go through that again and again. But judging by the vacant expression on "Subject 2-Change"'s face....I don't really think :p But in any case, overall gameplay of the game is simple to understand, but can also be devilishly complex when it wants to. Exactly the elements of a good puzzle game. I also think the addition of a "time trial mode" and extra rooms, as well as a good and bad ending, is a really nice touch. And I love the chiptune-style soundtrack you used for the game as well. I specifically enjoyed the music in areas 21-40.

Though I did discover a few glitches here and there, (ie. menu music still playing occasionally after choosing to start from a room, walking inside of cannons, etc), it's still certainly playable and is of very sound construction, especially for a first-time flash game.

Overall, I think this project was four-months well spent, and I certainly look forward to where this story goes next. :3

Chibi out!

JonBro responds:

The walking inside of cannons thing wasn't intentional at first, but I kept it in because it seemed like it made certain rare situations in the game more convenient. If that proves not to be the case, I can change it. Haven't heard anything about the menu music from selecting a room though, unless you're talking about the loading time, which I unfortunately don't really know how to fix.

Thanks, Chibi! Your words are most helpful and encouraging. And I find your observation of the character's vacant expression really funny.


2013-02-14 07:05:39

i got to stage 12 and then i was like..."y'know what? i'll try again later." lol


2013-02-14 06:40:11

That was an... interesting game, I'll just stick to spiral knights now... forever


2013-02-14 04:40:57

Grapefruit and hot sauce, OH MY!


2013-02-14 04:24:54

So,what did you SAID BEFORE?You don't wish to add MEDALS,huh?

Also,how do you make these pixel flash games?Software?

JonBro responds:

I don't remember saying I didn't wish to add medals to any of my games, but I do think it'd be silly to add medals to a game at the last minute when it wasn't designed around achievements of any kind.

All the art and code was done in Flash. Although I'm skeptical about using pixel art for future games, since the way I did it was sort of a hassle.

Thanks, MetalBooster!


2013-02-14 04:23:35

Thumbs up man!If I had more than 2 thumbs,then I would have them up also.Great JoB!