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Riddle School 4

2008-07-18 19:38:43 by JonBro



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2010-06-25 14:57:48

i would really love if you made phred and zack escape the school with him, and zack somehow uses his ice powers to help them escape!!! please respond i gotta know if you will. THANKYOU


2010-03-22 18:13:43

i hav a question when is it (riddle school 4) coming?


2010-03-03 16:13:53

k so are u really gonna make a riddle school 4? or r u just fucking with us?

JonBro responds:

It's done, in all seriousness. Though it will be released on April 1st, it will be the official fourth game. I personally don't think it's worth the hype everyone has but it's an enjoyable game.


2010-02-26 18:48:28

I have an idea abvout the office... you know that guy who's always locked in his locker... (i forget his name)... you should make his locker be face down on the floor in front of the office door, with him inside its too heavy to move and you need some sort of cutting tool to get him out... :D

you should also put in some mini-games (teacher fights, driving missions after escaping etc.) and maybe put in a lot more characters, rather than 7 kids at a school... :P

get some good music, ParagonX9 has some awesome stuff, use her chaoz stuff.
making some actual cutscenes would be good, and some voice acting would be good.

different difficulty settings, if possible. bigger words and harder puzzles for the higher levels.

i know not everything will be possible but those are some good ideas. think about them, cant wait for the new game! its gonna be awesome!!!


2010-02-25 19:43:55

what do u think jonbro?


2010-02-25 19:42:13

Hey, i think u should make it so the only way phil can escape the school is with the help of Phred and Zack. i mean they have to escape the school with him


2010-02-21 15:17:52

Hey its good seeing phil again but i have an idea:I Think you like the bosses?
i dont know who but a boss i love your games i love your games and another one:Phil can go outside every times he wants and introduce minigames with the history make the game larger than the others and another one:Use the friends of phil like he got especial things like freeze, jump, high, agility and other things and make a secret places and minigames and a chatroom and a hmm...nothing ready thats my ideas thanks for listen and read thanks
You Rock and make more games Thanks for the games see ya


2010-02-19 22:46:57

make him go into the girls room you make one in every game but you cant go in there


2010-02-19 18:46:58

you should also make shure you can customise the charecter


2010-02-19 18:46:07

when do you think the games going to be out


2010-02-19 17:46:54

how about for one of the floors you need to get a teacher ID so you can go to that floor.


2010-01-30 12:00:55

how but when get in the principals room he says he lost the keys (his an idiot) so he says the detention person has it so the u could use chubb and it would b more fun to have more caracters and i want 5 to do something in the game not sit down doing nothing at all =3
P.S EAT COOKIES@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


2010-01-17 05:50:00

OH MAN!THOSE BUNCH OF R's S's and 4's should spell RS4!


2010-01-17 05:48:46

my few misspelled words:
ito=into{ito is a real word in Tagalog[Philippine's national language(Philippines is where i live)]which means:ito=this}

R R S 4 4
R R S 4 4
RRRRRRR SSSS 444444444
R R S 4


2010-01-14 22:01:46

Also maybe they wont let you in the parking lot caus theres a fire so you have to talk Zach into following you in, and amybe richy could be locked in his car now, and chubb could be blocking the door to the third building ( I forgot to mention there should be three buildinggs of the college)


2010-01-14 21:57:25

How bout in this one Phils in college?


2010-01-08 05:19:54

Hey JB!Here's an idea!RS4=College and don't make RS5 'coz Phil grduated college(which is weird because he's always trying to escape the school)but instead make RS5 ito.....Riddle Company,or Riddle Incorporated,or Riddle Industries,..........or whatever!Just make sure in RS4,you can use Phil,Phred,Zack,Smiley(make it Phil's girlfriend because she is the only girl student in the school i think)and Chubb(good news:HE FINALLY LOST HIS EXCESS 20 TONS!!!! bad news:uhhh.....remember in RS3?you said to Ms.Count that there is a 20 ton cat in the hall?THAT'S THE ONE THAT'S BLOCKING THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)and FINALLY WAKE UP 5 AND GREG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And on RC,R INC.RI,or whatever you wanna call it,make sure that there's still Phil(duh.....)Phred,Zack,Smiley(Phil'
s wife),Chubb,Greg,5,and instead of teachers,try.....those who are.....well.....have a "higher rank"of business than you!And instead of the principal,make it your BOSS! like.....PICO!!!!!(before you get in,his secretary won't let you in if you have a complete armor set because he is gonna shoot you but no blood ok?)and the janitor is.....the janitor!!!!!!!!!and do something related to your old teachers ike a flashback,or a guest appearance,I RECOMMED GUEST APPEARACE AND.....PLEASE WAKE UP MRS.SLEEP!!!!!


2009-12-28 13:07:04

i think u shold have secrets in game instead of having to beat the game three times just to get possed by a mokey lolz though also make like mini games nd do like classes like the bully games


2009-12-22 00:13:52

How about adding a team to something. What i mean is like Phil can switch with Phred, like Phred is allowed in the Music room, but Phil can't.


2009-11-26 09:11:11

JonBro return Mr.Read the librarian and also expand the library in riddle school 4


2009-11-26 09:08:33

Hey JonBro. I have to say i loved your previous riddle school games. exept riddle school 1. that part was way to easy. i'm realy glad that you are making a riddle school 4, i can't wait to play it!
as for my ideas i think you should give that kid 5 (who is always sleeping) a role in the game. Like, you have to get something for him that he would let you in the lunch room or the teachers lounge. Some thing like that.


2009-11-09 21:38:21

I´m waiting for the game, when would it be released? I think 5 should be important in the game this time:


2009-11-01 06:55:58

Or You could have a team of kids trying to escape from school and the leader was Phill But u get to choose who u want to be like zack Chubb smiley and whatever :)


2009-11-01 06:53:38

I think That Chubb should be Blocking something that you dont have to get Like Their could be a shop which he is blocking and when u get through u can download sketches and music and stuff like on finding your heart on WwW.GameGarage.Co.Uk That would Be Pretty cool :)


2009-10-30 23:36:49

How about a shop where you can buy clothes


2009-10-30 23:34:17

how about when it end s he gets a brick and braks the window and lands in the sunroof of his car


2009-10-30 05:52:19

maybe you could have a lady freind that comes with you everywhere and u can swich characters between you and her.
Sumbody else said about like parks and other buildings, maybe a library or computer suite? Defo make an outside area though.

And if its possible I would like to punch a dopey teacher! :)


2009-09-28 09:01:07

1.Maybe u should add a new kid and u have 2 show him around but Phil doesn't know its the principles son and hes always watching the kids in the halls and it might be worring for phil.
2.or u could add more kids?

4.There could be a coat room and there might be cash or items in the coasts or bags


2009-09-05 01:38:09

u should make a movie too.


2009-09-05 00:56:23

you should make chubb want a popcicle in front of the music room and inside the music room is $3 inside the teachers purse


2009-08-30 01:40:27

i think millitary 1 good


2009-08-30 01:38:20

i mean the guy who got locked blocks the office and chub blocks the combonation


2009-08-30 01:33:31

mabye the door to leave the school need a combanation plus the key and chub blocks that and the guy who got locked in his locker got his stuff stolen and hes blocking the office and you have to get it.


2009-08-29 12:17:37

I mean phil


2009-08-27 13:22:13

I love the games!maybe you could make Edd have to go through the air vent because the office door is loked


2009-08-15 19:31:57

hey jonbro u know how in rs12and3 ur only phil well maybe this time u would have to help Smiley Phred and zack get out like if they were in different classes u know? or may b in other SCHOOLS? consider it............xazzzkidkid.


2009-08-10 03:24:42

Hey i think u shuld let phil in a teacher disguise and come up a name tag on the shirt and and it should be a cllassic face like a big nose with a mustache on big glasses an the disguise shuld be in a trunk some where in the school do more than 1 disguise, the shirt shuld be black and have a rag pant and maybe he has a girlfreind and add blockhead as a hall moniter (cause u can pass easier and he's dumb and u shuld make the janitor be a women so u can clog the ladys toilet and let chubb want chips so u have enough money to buy it in the machine (try to make the machine stop working for some reason) and switch bodys so that u can go to place the phil cant like the girl bathroom and when u go out the scool door u need to find a way to open the gate or go UNDER it (people who read the UNDER that shuld be a hint) that will be all sowy for a long list but its worth it cant wait to play


2009-07-15 15:19:49

btw,Phil Forgives Smilley For Making Fun Of Her In KinderGarten Because She Likes School, When Phil Was A Kid. But Smilley UnderStands That Phil And His Friends Doesnt Like School, And Smilley Doesnt Like School Too.


2009-07-15 15:12:22

My Idea Is That Smilley Chnages Hear Mind And Neglects To Learn And She Opens Relationships with Phil And His Friends And Helps Him And His friends to Find A Way Out Of The School And Smilley Disapeared,When Phil Was Looking For Her When The Lights Went Out, SomeOne Wearing A Combat suit And Night Vision Goggles Attcked Phil And When Phil Takes Off The Persons Night Vision Goggles and Mask,He Found Out It Was Smilley And Smilley Tells Phil That I Want To Help You And Your Friends Escape The University. And Put The Picos School Game Engine And It Gets Hard At The End And Teachers Are Carrying Guns And You Can Choose Your Character To Play As Like Phil And Smilley For Example And Chubb Can Walk And He Carries A Desert Eagle And The Player Must Kill Him And The Police,FBI,And S.W.A.T. Are Surrounding The University And Phil And His Friends Stoled A Tanks And Start Shooting At The Law Enforcements and escaped Successfully And They Went To New York City To Have A New Life To Live In.


2009-07-01 15:45:42

I hope that in the new riddle school it will have some really complicated puzzle that take a lot of thinking to solve. They've all been great so far but not that complicated. I'm not saying thats bad or anything, this is just my thoughts.


2009-06-11 12:42:44

have chubb block the place he loves the most


2009-04-27 20:37:58

JonBro i would like to know when riddle school 4 will be released


2009-04-25 22:24:35

yeah longer thats a good idea but chubb should still block the door he just dont belong anywere else well good luc CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT RIDDLE SCHOOL 4


2009-04-17 07:34:16

The janitor NEEDS a big mustache, then he'll look awesome! :)


2009-04-12 05:53:43

I think you should star in it and also there should be like battles against bullies and maybe a shop to buy items usefull to the game.and how bout your player gets hungry aswell it would make the game extra hard.


2009-04-11 05:30:47

An IT room and the need to go in ventilation systems... Also more students!


2009-03-22 11:44:49

can you add a gym with a really sporty kid how you have to battle by playing soin
like dogdeball, and if you win he gives you his hall pass

funny idea>>>>> give chubb a big brother who is even chubbier then chubb,

as you can see i like riddle school =)


2009-03-20 16:54:25

I think that after you get out of the school part (after you beat the game at least) that you should try to make an explore mode where you can explore the town or go to his house or something with an extra level to where hes locked in his house when you go in!!!that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-03-05 19:40:56

It should something more challenging like making chubb lose weight. I forgot what the kid that was always cold but we should try to make him warm and he gives Phil some money. Any smiley's upset for once and we make her HAPPY!


2009-03-01 18:52:42

maybe chubb could become fit in this game

also you should hav a food fight occer and you cant get past to the lunch