Riddle School 4

2008-07-18 19:38:43 by JonBro



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2008-07-18 19:51:12

Ahh... but Chubb is just a classic! =(

Anyway... make something that you can go outside the school, but not outside it's gates or something...

JonBro responds:

Yeah, separate buildings have already been mentioned by someone. I'll definitely make Phil go outside =P


2008-07-18 20:10:30

i woudl liek to see a poster with my name on it in game

but hell yeah save points sound excellent. it would be cool if it were simmiliar to a game calle dpimps quest, in the whole vein of walking around thing but i'm guessing thats far too different to the riddle school style. I really liked all three riddle schools, i wish you luck for the fourth

JonBro responds:

I don't think it will have any walking around unless it's like in Johnny Rocketfingers 2 where the character walks directly to where you click. Of course, for me, that's impossible, so I'll just make it flow like the rest of the series =P

The fourth RS game will be pretty different from the others, though, mainly because I want it to be epic. It won't be too different though... hopefully.


2008-07-18 21:32:05

I think Johnny Rocketfingers 2(or even African Detroit Cop) style would be PERFECT for a Riddle School game! I just mean the buttons to be specific. Talk, use, and look. It may be a little extra work, but I've seen your stuff and your quite skilled in Flash. Chubb could also just be hangin' around somewhere blocking SOMETHING that you have to get to but NOT blocking the Principal's Office.

JonBro responds:

Talk, Use, Look. Sometimes that setup gets confusing (or at least, to me) which is part of the reason why I haven't used it. I could easily make those kinds of buttons but I think I'll stick with the regular Riddle School layout, where you can talk or look by simply clicking and take something from the inventory to use it.

Chubb will most definitely be blocking something important =P


2008-07-19 12:12:08

More floors

JonBro responds:



2008-07-19 13:11:03

An hidden thing somewhere that tells you a secret about the game.
I liked the last secret.


Heh. Maybe you could include some minigames too? Like a test.

JonBro responds:

Minigames. Good idea. Maybe not a test, but something like that.


2008-07-19 13:49:48

instead of chubb it should be miss sleep or a hall moniter
and it would be cool if the lockers was numbered and serten ones need combinations which phil finds on papers in random places

JonBro responds:

Those other teachers aren't coming back XD

There will most likely be more certain random lockers that open.


2008-07-19 14:00:24

how bout chubb is blocking the lunch room you need to get in to so you have to find a differint way like the vants or the pipes

JonBro responds:



That could be good.


2008-07-19 18:52:24

So it has become apparent to me that the school is falling apart. There are cracks and grass growing all over the school. So I think that it would be awesome if the school had too much and began to collapsed and the character has a limited amount of time to get out of the school. This be great also because in the FAQs on the walkthrough page, you said "There might be another Riddle
game that doesn't take place in school..." and with the idea I said, you could actually give a good ending to the Riddle School series, and begin a new one since the character would be out of school once and for all.

I would also love to see more of the smiley girl, the bored best friend, and the cold guy! Haha.

JonBro responds:

Except for the crumbling school, all that sounds fine.

There won't be a time limit since this game will be longer than the others and it will have save points, thus it would be an incredible pain to need to start over.


2008-07-19 21:01:32

In your 3th it was hard to find money. In this one make thme 5 and 10 dollars but make them harder to find.

JonBro responds:

lol maybe


2008-07-20 10:02:51

The fattie is blocking the exit at the end just when you think your done.

JonBro responds:

I've thought about making an ending like that to one of the Riddle School games, where Phil goes to the door, unlocks it, opens it... and there's a brick wall in the way. XD


2008-07-20 14:39:17

Tom Fulp is the Janitor.

You find a secret room with Pico!

Doing mini-games? Computer lab where you can also hack into the security cameras!

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

I'm not sure how much Tom would like to be the janitor, lol

Pico will probably make an appearance.


2008-07-20 19:30:44

Maybe have the school expand into like sections, for example, a park, and then a mini store, and its all in one little school, I don't know, but one thing I know for sure is you'll do great, can't wait for this game, and I'll just say this now, after you finish Riddle School 4, make a 5th one!

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

I'm thinking of making a school big enough that it wouldn't even fit on a small map in the corner =O

There's no way I'd make a fifth one.


2008-07-21 01:06:21

That would be awesome!

JonBro responds:

lol I misspelled 'making'


2008-07-21 01:25:33

How are you going to create a Riddle School 4? Because If he goes to college he probably has the ability to exit the school freely. Unless he gets sent to military school for escaping school so many times. .. Oh well... you'll think of something...

JonBro responds:

I dunno. I'm just thinking the gate will be locked, and barbwire will be all over the fence =P


2008-07-21 11:27:56

how about picos in riddle school 4 that would cool

JonBro responds:

That WOULD cool!


2008-07-21 11:30:36

oh i mean pico would be blocking the door with his gun

JonBro responds:

...I still don't think there will be any guns in the game. Pico will probably be his innocent young self before he gets guns.


2008-07-21 13:31:22

How bout this time phil comes with u and u and phil start off like 50$ each so u can get stuff to get outta teh school and like the teachers like roam teh school looking for children who try to sneak out and u have to ask teacher for a hallpass and it only lasts for a limited time.

JonBro responds:

Maybe I should find a way for Phil to get 200 dollars so he can get a can of Chloro-fill.


2008-07-21 14:58:52

make it a online game to maybe

JonBro responds:

I have no idea how to make an online game (although one time, looking at a step-by-step tutorial, I ALMOST managed to make a simple chatroom).

Plus, why the heck would a game like Riddle School be an online game anyway? It is strictly a one-player puzzle escape game. That's like giving Phoenix Wright an online play option.


2008-07-21 20:08:22


I used to be one of your fans, but now I lost faith.

get back to the old JonBro!

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

Huh? Why are you losing faith?

..."old JonBro"???


2008-07-21 23:02:24

I stand by what I said.

JonBro responds:



2008-07-22 05:43:43

That is so many "put pico in there" in this news post.

JonBro responds:

Yeah. He's probably just going to be in the background or something as an insignificant character.


2008-07-22 11:50:42

Here's an idea. How about giving Zach, Smiley, 5, and other students actual roles instead of just hanging about the classrooms? Not the best idea, but it's somethin.' *shrugs* Just thought I'd throw that out there.

JonBro responds:



2008-07-22 11:56:18

You should DEFINETIVELY include an orange penguin.

JonBro responds:



2008-07-22 19:12:58

any one want to know my pass its **************************

JonBro responds:

asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk I CAN'T COUNT THAT HIGH.


2008-07-22 19:14:31


JonBro responds:

... o_O

I dunno. Probably not, but it's a possibility.


2008-07-23 00:22:13

i like cake

JonBro responds:



2008-07-23 00:24:22

i think riddle school 1 was good 2 great 3 almost good(i have a mac but i won somwhere else) so as long as you make riddle school 4 for a mac i am happy:)

JonBro responds:



2008-07-23 00:24:52

i saw WALL-E i was the best

JonBro responds:



2008-07-24 04:55:54

make phil able to walk, that would be awesome :3

and thatnks for desiding to do a 4th one, i love riddle school


2008-07-26 13:56:03

phil will be in college and thats where you save in the dorm


2008-08-03 02:24:37

Also, don't forget some classics. You have to put the extinguiser(or something like that) and the lady's toilet!


2008-08-25 14:20:05

love 2 and 3. (1 was only okay) I think there should be some outside riddles too. I like the mystery of getting the janitor out of his room in all the games. Good ideas. There should be some more interaction with the characters too. Like phred and stuff. PLZ don't make it so the game can be lost. That'd be aweful to have to restart. Somebody else mentioned minigames... I like it! Another good thing about you're games is the layout for 2 and 3. Click the arrows to go to rooms instead of north south east and west. I think you should have an elevator that you need a pass for and it's the only way to get to the school's BASEMENT. Also you should do MORE with the auditorium. I think there should be disguises backstage so you can dress up like a girl and get into the GIRL'S bathroom. It bugged me in the other ones not being able to go in every room. I know there's only like 7 students in the school but the school should be bigger. You could do something with a gym too. Just a thought. Some other things... I loved the poems in the library that gave clues, chubb is a keeper, and don't change the menu button where it says obviously this button leads to the menu. Good Luck! I love the games. Definately let phil into the girl's room though.


2008-09-15 15:56:52

The player doesn't have to be the student....they can be the teacher wanting to get out of school.You(the teacher) had lost his school keys and has to find a way to get out of school.


2008-11-11 23:44:52

hows riddle school 4 comin, i was thinkin maybe he goes 2 bording school and he's
not "satisfied" there and then he see's an ad in the paper about apartments and decides 2 try breaking out and living with a roomate in an apartment but he needs 2 snag the key from the dean who is actually the janitor from the 2nd game


2008-11-22 16:35:21

Leave a easter egg! Like last time with the monkey doll! I'd think the talk,use, look, thing would be confusing. Make a little keyboard action, a bit like Pico's school, but not too much because that would take the "true essence" of the riddle schoolness out of the game. Another suggestion would be more of that running around, finding coins stuff. That's all I have to randomly blurt out at the moment.


2008-11-24 12:38:34

You should have diffrent ways to get out of the school or diffrent difficulty levels.


2008-11-25 12:10:15

have it where you can get guns in picos locker lol that would be funny and when you have to get the key make it where you have to time you way to get the key or the princible catchs you


2008-12-12 22:49:29

What About That Joe And Mr. Sum Guy From That Second Riddle School Game.


2008-12-15 17:35:27

how about the cookie machine finally works and chubb eats it and breaks the wall to outside the school


2008-12-19 12:05:45

make there be like a college he goes to and instead of phil just leavin (thats just boring) he get in his car and it breaks down or something and after he fixes it the player has to drive through the road and once phil gets to his house the game is over :^) hope you like my idea :^) my smile hav noses :^)


2008-12-31 12:35:29

Since Phil's friends don't have roles.....make it so you can play as Phil and his other friends. Kind of like making it so that someone gets out of a class and helps the others also.


2008-12-31 19:31:05

JonBro can you resond to my message?


2009-02-01 21:02:21

I think he should go in the girls bathroom at 1 point in the game, that would b funny
also phil getting eatin by chubb lol


2009-02-01 21:14:15

WHAT ABOUT chubb acidently sat on sum1 and u help them and they give u a reward or sumthing *!*


2009-02-02 07:29:40

maybe he could go on the roof or a secret teachers lounge wich has really cool stuff in it like a giant t.v or a pool sumthing like that


2009-02-02 07:42:06

I know this is my 4th comment but im bored :P
maybe when your about to win you walk out the door and the principal or maybe the police are there and you have to figure out a way to get past them without them seeing u and what about smiley admitting she loves phil. so you need sumthing from her so u have 2 do sumthing 4 her E.G kiss her


2009-02-08 13:20:54

maybe he should be at college


2009-02-16 12:48:10

yeah um have riddle school 4 be like he got in to like a crummy college. deff keep the fat dude near the deans office. this time have like a girl he meets in the hall who has to go into the girls bathroom to get soemthing 4 him. and in return he gives her like answers to an exam or something. this time have like a gym or something and i think the dean shuld run after him or when he grabs the keys. just saying though


2009-02-16 19:37:23

yo make like some sort of lock-down where like some intruder comes in XD

o ya i also wanted to know when's this game comin out??!!

cant wait!!! :)


2009-02-19 12:39:09

If you add the outside parts (like in other messages) you should make chubb sit infrount of that askin 4 like a muffin! Then when you give it to him he moves. But cuz the office is ungaurded maybe you could like lock it and do like somthin like you have to persuade the teachers to unlock it cuz you wana talk 2 the head and then they say he's not in there just like you knock them out with a crowbar out of one of the lockers :D Plus when you get in the princible is actaully in there but he's playin on his game and you try to get into there and steal the key but he spots you and throws you out and then you've got to find a like sleeping thing in the school? (sounds abit werid but bassicly thats what riddle school is werid) I sortaa just gave you a whole idea but anyway :] if its good can you make it? :]