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Entry #120

Riddle Transfer 2 officially cancelled

2012-07-04 19:21:10 by JonBro

Link to all the discarded plans for the series:


I've made the difficult decision to officially discontinue the rest of the Riddle Transfer series, along with anything directly associated with the Riddle School series or its characters.

When I came up with the first Riddle Transfer game, I'd originally intended to finish all of the games at once and release them after set periods of time, because the element of surprise about the series would have remained intact and the insistent requests for sequels would already have been met. I dropped this idea when the first game took me six whole months to make, which is a longer period of time than I ever anticipated or hoped to spend working on it. I spent the next fifteen months feeling anxiety about RT2, chipping at it from time to time hoping something would come out of it, and nothing has. I wanted so much to make RT2 and finish the other three games afterward so that those who liked the previous games would see the rest of the story and be contented by the continued content, but ultimately I have decided the end product simply wouldn't be worth the pains it would take to make.

My main motivations with RT1 were simple but ambitious. I wanted to change the way Flash games and adventure games were seen. People insist the point-and-click adventure game is a dead genre, just like people insisted the side-scrolling platform game was a dead genre, but that says nothing about its still-limitless potential. I believe the reason people think point-and-click adventures are a lost cause is because they haven't been "done right" yet. Often players are either required to skew their thinking to match the logic of the game developer, or look at a walkthrough because the logic is so obtuse. Some developers compensate for this lack of clarity by dropping ten-ton hints everywhere, but when the puzzles are too reliant on hints, there's no epiphanies or sense of discovery involved. I didn't want to make a mindless or frustrating game, but one that actually made sense and encouraged players to mentally piece things together to proceed; Riddle Transfer was meant to be taken seriously as a game that was truly satisfying. And I wanted to prove that this was possible with Flash, the same program most people use just to make simple little browser games that they can pass the time with when they're bored.

But what purpose would it serve to make an entire series like this? I already know what the response to RT1 was: people still cling to Flash games as a way to temporarily escape boredom and don't see the intended artistry in a carefully designed experience because the immediate expectation of a Flash game is 'quick and easy fun', and my game hasn't changed that. I may have created a game people found interesting enough to rate high and ask to see more of, but they missed the point I was trying to make. Perhaps it was a subtly-made point, or one that's easy to disagree with or pay no attention to because it isn't commonly emphasized. But for this reason, there is no point in continuing the RT series, because I know full and well that I could butter up the remaining games as much as I want, adding new puzzles or story twists or playable characters or whatever, yet at the core, they would be the same game as RT1 and would not bring anything new to the world of Flash game development. It would just bring me a little short-lived Internet 'fame', which is a terrible primary goal.

I pondered over the reasons why I would legitimately devote the next several years of my life to this Internet series, and for the most part, it boiled down to satisfying my fanbase. But since the time I started making the series, I've discovered a few things wrong with that mindset. Fans cannot comprehend the amount of time, work, and personal sacrifice it takes to make games of this size unless they have been in a very similar position themselves. Fans go by what they know, and what they know about you and your work is always going to be significantly less than what you know. If you aren't putting yourself in the perspective of the game's creator, it might at first seem selfish for them to terminate a project because they don't want their main goal to be satisfying others, and I've thought the same thing, but that's not what it's like. It feels less like providing enjoyment and more like a form of appeasement. You can't put hours of days of months of your life struggling to finish something you see no value or substance in anymore.

Long ago, I thought that the Riddle Transfer series would be worth making because of its storyline, and how everything would come together in the end in a climactic way, but looking back on it now, the ideas I had for the story were all very weak, partly because I had a less well-developed sense of story structure than I feel I do now, and partly because the foundations of RT's story were centered around very shallow, basic characters that don't deserve any limelight. As a level-headed bald kid with two big eyes who goes to school and makes sarcastic comments, the series' main character Phil might be an easy figure to relate to, and in many ways, he might be deeper than the average Flash game protagonist, but he's not deep enough for me. He's a surface-level reflection of my most basic thoughts, and it's easy for anyone to tell what nearly his whole personality is in a matter of moments. As a storyteller, if I'm going to make an effective and captivating story that will keep my own interest after dedicating to it for months or years, I want to write for a more believable, complex character than Phil Eggtree, and I don't want that story to be way too difficult to understand, full of contradictions, or in other ways disconcertingly flimsy like the plotlines of Riddle School and Riddle Transfer are.

People have told me I ought to stop working on the series if I don't feel like it's in me anymore. And I've finally come to terms with the fact that it's not in me anymore. An online friend of mine, TheWildALK, once told me I wouldn't go through with the rest of the series, and though I sought to prove him wrong, I discovered he may have had a point. I've thought about it hard, and there are no strong reasons I know of to keep working on this series. It had a good run, I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I've learned a lot of things from it, but I don't think there is anything else it can teach me that I couldn't be taught more adequately through moving on to bigger and better things. I've poured my heart into this series for a huge portion of my life; I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like a small part of me has gone from making this decision, but I believe this choice of abandoning the series is for the best. My perspective on art and design has changed. I've realized potential in game design that has not been sufficiently touched upon, and if I dwell on the past any more than I have, I won't be able to test my theories or fulfill my goals for the future.

Thank you all for your overwhelming support to the series over the years. I deeply appreciate it.

For the sake of completeness to those who are curious, this post spoils everything that was going to happen in the series, had I opted to go through a half-decade of headaches to push it to its originally intended finish.


NOTE: Remember that I'm still the same person that I was when I made Riddle School in the first place. Even though I've left the Riddle universe behind, it's always possible I'll make another game with humor and puzzle-solving like Riddle School's always had, because I love those kinds of things.

ALSO NOTE (Updated Jan. 21, 2015)  I used to say no one had permission to continue this series, but my thoughts on that have changed and can be found here.



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2015-01-10 18:15:40

I know this is gonna get a negative point of view from other people but has it gave you a thought of making a game along the lines on Riddle School? (Eg. Point and click, Escape, phunny etc)

JonBro responds:

I've thought about it on occasion, and have done that to an extent. I made a couple of very stupid Zelda parody point-and-click games for a Let's Player couple that I'm a fan of.

The two games are called "The Esotericism of Bargo" and can be found here:

A very large project I'm working on for years that still has no hope of being finished in the near future is planned to have puzzles, escapes, and silly jokes from my mind.


2014-11-16 01:09:13

Why can't you send help from others to continue your series? (btw i don't like reading)

JonBro responds:

(I'll keep this short, then.)

I didn't like my plans for the story and stopped wanting to dwell on the Riddle School characters and world. It wouldn't have made a difference if I finished the series myself, or passed it on to someone else.


2014-10-19 18:09:16

wow how did i just find out that there is a another game of riddle series... well anyways i really loved all the riddle school games since i was in elementary school. i'm so sad that there's no sequel for RT and you're quitting the series, but still my favorite flash game is, and will be, riddle school 3!! oh and thank you so much for these awesome games :)

JonBro responds:

Thank you for playing them! Plans for future projects are always on my mind, so when I have the time, I hope I can surprise you again with something new to enjoy!


2014-10-05 15:51:24

The Riddle series are easily my favorite flash games ever. I've enjoyed them more than I enjoy some AAA $60 games. Riddle School 5 blew my mind when it first came out. I was so happy when Riddle Transfer came out. I am disappointed that the series will be discontinued but you are a truly talented developer and I agree with your desition to move on to bigger and better games. Your games are worth real money and I can't wait to see what you do next.


2014-10-04 23:12:45

Quite a shame, i really looked up to you and your work, and you let us all down! You may not have many fans but you had the ones that loved your work and wanted more. In reality you shouldn't have started a seriers if you were not prepared to finish it because you let a whole lot of Fans down

JonBro responds:

You're absolutely right, I shouldn't have started a series if I was not prepared to finish it. But I had no idea I wasn't prepared to finish it at the time.

At least by "letting a whole lot of fans down" I taught myself and hopefully others a valuable lesson about foresight.


2014-07-22 15:54:21

I think you are wrong about a "temporary escape from bordom" bit. The first time I beat Riddle Transfer, (and I can't even say I beat it because I was helped by three of my friends) it took me LITERALLY ELEVEN HOURS!!!! Yes, I consumed an entire day with this game. And I'm proud. And this type of game is more of what Newgrounds needs. I'm not trying to change your mind, you've been set in stone on this for two years now, but when I beat this game two years ago, I thought, "This game has potential." I understand how hard it is to make a game, (I've had some of my own flops,) but I would like to see some more of this type of game. More pointing, more clicking, more aliens, more schools, more breakouts, more puns, more characters who hate puns, more of all of it.


JonBro responds:

Eleven hours, goodness gracious. That's wild and kinda amazing.

I still feel like I'm done with browser games made in Flash, for the most part, but I've been watching a lot of playthroughs of Sierra's DOS adventure games lately. It's been putting me in the mood to make a game like that again, with plenty of pointing, clicking, breakouts, and puns. But since games are a lot of work, it's been hard for me to commit to any new long-term projects, so time will tell if that works out.


2014-07-07 22:02:31

Not To be Mean Or Anything but..
Doesn't This Sound Like FEZ?

Great game's Sequel Canceled, No More Games.

JonBro responds:

The main difference is that I plan to keep making games. ... At least, one game. It's going to be a while before it's finished though.


2014-06-04 09:35:51

I completely respect your decision, and I agree with you too; the series WAS starting to get a bit run down. I've got a question though. Why would you copyright the characters? It seems like a silly idea to copyright characters that you hate so much. Besides that, good luck in all of your future games and endeavors.

JonBro responds:

Ah, it's not that I hate the characters, I mostly just don't want anyone else continuing the series without permission.


2014-05-11 23:24:01

Did you perchance post Riddle Transfer in the Art category too (games that were made as art)? If not, perhaps you should have.

JonBro responds:

I've never considered it. The Art Games category primarily features games more experimental and intentionally minimalist than any of mine are, and my definition of 'art' is probably a whole lot broader than what that category typically calls for. Going by my definition, my game and almost any other indie game in existence could go in the Art Games category.


2014-05-02 19:01:16

Oh Jonbro, I just wanted to know how the series ended... :c I'm sadface now :c

JonBro responds:

The link at the top of the post shows how it would have ended, if that's interesting.


2014-04-14 11:50:36

I have Played Riddle school for the first time 3 years ago. then i find out about RT1 Today.. and then read about the canceled RT2. I Can't believe i miss this for 2 Years! I Loved this series I Know you dont want to continue it. but all of this point and click adventure games made us proud.

I salute you sir. I Salute you :)

JonBro responds:

Well, I salute you MORE. So there.

:) Thank you.


2014-02-16 13:30:59

It means, that RT series won't be anymore? Q-Q Sorry for my bad English, I can't speak it perfect.

(Um... I surprised on it! ._________.)

JonBro responds:

That is correct. Sorry :(


2014-02-13 21:42:10

Stupid, traitorous Diz...
I wanted the series to go on just to get back at him!
Ah well, as long as it'e unfinished, I guess I can continue imagining the endless possibilities in which the kids have a happy ending and the alien goes to hell...

JonBro responds:

You could do that! You could also read what the ending was going to be here: (Either way is fine)


2014-01-28 08:21:58

Erik5403 don't to talk about on him doing the series like what if he gets tired?
Oh and this is meaning that everything is in peace ecxept for zone 5.1
oh and heres a song from Frozen(2013) but cutted
Anna:We'll reverse the storm you've made!
Elsa:Anna, Please you'll only make it WORSE!
I checked your reply to Erik.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111!!!!!


2014-01-19 07:12:10

I will kill you jonochrome or i will force you to continue the series.

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

Sorry, we've been over this. If you forced me to continue the series, I promise it wouldn't be very good. Forcing any artist to make something he doesn't want to make will only make it worse. While I find your empty threats fascinating, they are threats, and I can't have them on my page.

(Ah, and remember, there IS the third option of just letting me keep making fun games for you to play!)


2014-01-04 11:45:34

This person
Right here
has nothing to say right now

JonBro responds:

... :(


2013-12-28 13:25:06

Everyone, for the memories, lets play the series one more time.


2013-12-27 03:55:17

Will you ever be making any more games?

JonBro responds:

Certainly! I love making games, and I'm working on a number of them right now, but they're going to take a long time to finish. How long, I wish I knew.


2013-12-03 05:22:25

I've loved this series since I first saw the thumbnail for it. What I would love to see from you or somebody else is a written story about what might happen after Riddle Transfer. Y'know, a short one.

JonBro responds:

Well, I do have this:
I can't be sure but I'm guessing that's fairly close to what you're looking for.


2013-08-26 07:20:34

Well it is your Decision, i don't want you continuing the Series when you really do not want to, if its not in your Heart's Content...
Well i'm just letting you know that we will keep Supporting you..
And that we're a Big a Fan of your's..

JonBro responds:

You're awesome. Thank you very much--I'll try my best to keep making people smile.


2013-08-19 11:43:42

Hey JonBro, I just wanted to say that throughout the years I've loved your series. I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate that you continued the series for so long even if you didn't want to. I mean I was what, seven or eight when I first played Riddle School? Not that being almost thirteen is much of a difference anyway, but it feels like such a long time ago! I think that the Riddle School series where some of the first flash games that I've ever played, and god, they're probably the best in my opinion. I haven't played them in at least two years, so how I remembered them, who knows. Somehow I never got around to playing RS4 and RS5 until yesterday and RT until today. But even so, I'm fine with the series being canceled. The games where amazing and will leave awesome memory's with me forever. Even if I've never really experienced what you have, I fully understand why you stopped. I wouldn't want to spend years of my life on games that I have no motivation for. I respect your decision and hope to see some more outstanding games in the future. By the way, sorry that this mostly consisted of me rambling. It happens a lot XD.

JonBro responds:

No worries, I ramble a lot as well, and sometimes reading ramblings can be enlightening as well. Thank you for all the support and understanding! I really appreciate it :)


2013-08-11 21:35:19

As bad as the sewer escape ending is, you never stopped being creative. And that's all that matters to me.


2013-08-06 21:12:09

"even now, people tell me they hate me for quitting the series." I can't believe people are still clinging to the so called "possibility" of Riddle Transfer 2. They need to accept that it's not gonna happen. After a year, I think they'd know that. I'm insanely excited to see something different (and superior) than The Riddle Series.


2013-08-05 22:43:12

I can't believe it's been over a YEAR since Riddle Transfer 2 fell apart.

JonBro responds:

I can't believe it either. More unbelievable is the fact that even now, people tell me they hate me for quitting the series. Still, I feel wholeheartedly like I made the right choice.


2013-07-27 10:46:16

They escaped through the sewer...that's an ending, right? I feel like RT2 would have failed as art anyways.

JonBro responds:

Pretty much. As poor as the implied sewer-escape ending is, it'll have to do.


2013-06-28 02:22:31

I always liked your games, and fell in love with your games ever since I was in middle school. It was one of my favorite games I played when times were hard and painful, it was probably one of the best puzzle games I played, and truth be told kind of inspired me to do complex plot puzzles and twists and such for comics I struggle to do today, 5 months later I guess. It's sad to hear the series is really ending now out of all seriousness, but do what you rather want to do in life. Just wanted to thank you for the fun run, especially for my childhood, hope you find what you're looking for :)


2013-06-22 19:29:49

crap nuggets why is al the stuff i like coming to an end


2013-06-21 08:40:00

Jonbro is it legal for anybody to complete the riddle school series

JonBro responds:

I could and would file copyright claims against them


2013-06-17 11:33:48

thank you jonbro


2013-06-17 09:18:54

JONBRO i really wanted riddle transfer2 i waited months until i saw this i dont give a crap for comments but i really felt like it was time to tell you i know you dont care for other peoples comments about completeing riddle transfer2 esespecially from children like me but i uaslly dont like any newgrounds games or any games on the intrenet at all but your games changed my opinion about internet games and now its all over thank you for making all your riddle school games i understand you moved on but in my opinion riddle transfer was worth completeing my question was could you tell me a little more why you moved on just curious you dont have to awnser me im just a stupid 10 year old child but please awnser the question.

JonBro responds:

Thanks for the comment. I'm not really sure how else to explain all my reasons for moving on, but I planned out the whole Riddle Transfer series in about a week, and that wasn't nearly enough time to develop a story I was pleased with. Riddle Transfer 2, 3, and 4 in particular were all very poorly planned and I feel like it would be a waste to spend years making those games when I know they would just be disappointments. In general, I've kinda lost interest in making point-and-click games, too. I want to try making other things for once because that will help me to expand creatively. I have ideas for new things I can make now, that I'm much happier with and I think people will enjoy much more, but it'll take time to get them looking how I want them to.


2013-05-31 10:28:34

well, i AM going to miss riddle school! but "VERY" sadly, EVERYTHING has to end! my FAVORIT GAME, ratchet and clank (owned by insomaniac, not me, plz dont sue me!) is done, i think! i hope NOT since there are still so many questions UNANSWERED, but they made 10 games, so, i guess i should be happy! BUT ANYWAYS!!! riddle school, sorry! you mad 6 games. ALONE! and thats good! i had A LOT of fun! but if you don't WANT to make it, then it won't be FUN! because your HEART won't be in it! and i know how hard it is to do something you don't WANT to! it's more or less IMPOSSIBLE, unless you have INSANE willpower! and you should use the time you have WISELY! because you can never get that time back! and that no one is allowed to CONTINUE on it, or make something INSPIRED by it, is too bad, and perhaps kinda silly! but i guess it's like, with OTHER stuff you love, and or have strong emotional feelings towards. like, you don't want your GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND/WIFE/HUSBAND to be USED by someone else, and..... i forgot the rest! i was doing something ELSE, then i forgot it! sorry! BUT ANYWAYS! XD lol! THE POINT IS!! it's to bad RIDDLE SCHOOL and RIDDLE TRANSFER, as it is called, is canceled, and not gonna BE anymore. but i think you should do what you WANT TO do, or else it won't be GOOD, if you do something you DON'T want to do! so.. GOOD LUCK JONBRO, AND I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR NEXT GAMES! and i'm gonna play ALL the riddle school games, again!


2013-05-29 16:26:19

You deserve a cookie. Perhaps multiple cookies.

JonBro responds:

And you deserve multiple cakes. ...made out of cookies.


2013-04-16 05:08:52

Thanks for the comment! But your games is still cool ill wait for your new game? Is point and click adventure like that games but its fine to play wat ever games you want to make you tell to others that you have ideas for your next game dont put like circle heads and eyes XD make like a normal person when you make a game its fine to do that circle heads and eyes im mean for 3 years still making circle heads change it Comment- :)


2013-04-15 23:43:13

Omg! Riddle Transfer Cancelled Why i mean i read jon post about this but why i mean after so many years of intellegence of this game and ended T_T jon bro you disapointed you fans but its for the best your hardwork and skills really payed of from riddle school 1 to now you still have a smart thinking about the games like the riddle school characters you can make them in another game right? But thank you for the games that you gave us the puzzlez hints challengers even riddle school transfer mayber thats your most created riddle school series but dude what you will make now computer games? and do you make piko`s school i cant remember the name of the game but its a cool game but. You should really give up on this series i mean 3 years still cool game your first riddle school game is cool too you make challenging games in the riddle school series you hardiest is the pipe to get the fancy hat thats really hard to finish i even watch tutorials but goodluck to your new games Jonbro :))))))))))))))))) Wish you can read

JonBro responds:

This is a lot to answer at once! I think if I were going to do anything with the Riddle School characters again, I'd just give them a subtle cameo appearance in one of my other games. I didn't make Pico's School--Tom Fulp made that game, and Riddle School was heavily inspired by it. Recently I've gotten really interested in the idea of making computer games that are larger than online Flash games, but it's hard to figure out how I should go about making a large-scale game, because I'm not a master at programming games, and I'd like to make something that could be multi-platform. Thank you for the support :) I'll try to bring back Riddle School's charm and puzzle-solving in bigger and better games at some point.


2013-04-15 19:43:07

Yeah Last Question: Whats your future Jonbro? I mean you made alot games like Riddle School know what your gonna make xbox, ps3 games? or Computer? Pretty sure your on ps3 and computer beacause you really smart at some puzzle even in the Riddle Transfer puzzles but thats my last question it so imbarresing to post too much comments in this post but thats ok i mean Riddle School 1 to Riddle Transfer thats pretty hard but i guees your final Decision is right you make your own games i saw some you comments mad in XxnillyxX comment you where mad in there but thank you for giving riddle school games like this goodluck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

JonBro responds:

Well, thank you for all the kind words! I want to pursue a career in game design, actually. Not sure how exactly I'll go about doing that, but I've been planning and revising a particularly big game idea for the last three or four years that I want to make a reality someday, and at the very least, I'd probably like that one to be on Steam. Until then, I want to expand my game design ability by exploring genres I'm not as familiar with.


2013-04-15 09:06:22

w8 they are safe but there so many guards they sure they couldent survive even theres like monster and dead ends thats weird?


2013-04-15 08:56:51

wow.... you make these games for 15 months i mean its just circle heads like the monster who has a fancy hat forgot name i think bowling brain but i have to admit its hard to make puzzles even the tubes but W.M.R.S (Will Miss Riddle School)


2013-04-15 08:53:07

wait but jon if someone made riddle school transfer 2 and you dont know is that illegal?

JonBro responds:

I'm not fond of the word "illegal" but that sounds accurate


2013-04-15 08:42:43

plsss continue riddle transfer 2 last plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssss make finale T_T If not ill miss riddle school

JonBro responds:

I miss it, too, but I'm sorry to say I will never make it. I deleted my original files for every Riddle School game from my computer a while back to demonstrate the seriousness of my choice.


2013-04-15 08:30:44

Beacause ill really miss riddle school series when i saw this game i`d played it for like 1 2 3? ?????etc i felt like this never end this series but when i saw this post i cant belive it ended JonBro just make the finale of riddle school plsssssssssss for the players that played Riddle School 1 to Riddle Transfer plsss make the last series has a great finale wish you could read this

JonBro responds:

(see previous response)


2013-04-15 08:24:27

Um Jon why dont you finish of to da finale of riddle school to remember the players what you`d make.But thanks for all the Riddle School Games it was challenging but please make the last riddle transfer of the Riddle school Series you wanna end it in a way like that you can start the 5 characters in the sewers. My suggestion plss comment jon i really want you to make a decision to make a finale of riddle school series

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

I actually have made a couple of pretty long post on my site about why I don't want to continue the Riddle Transfer series. One of them is on my site: / tangents / 2012-11-13.html

To kinda put things in perspective, people have been telling me to make "one more Riddle School game" for years, and I've kept listening to them, but last year I finally had to say, "I made 'one more Riddle School game', several times." I'm not going to make anything unless I feel inspired to make it, essentially. If I don't feel inspired to make something, it won't be very good.

I appreciate the message and the suggestion, although I am very passionate about my decision.


2013-03-26 02:26:08

Can't say it isn't disapointing, it was a fun series, but if you say it's time to move on, who am I to argue. Can't say I would love it if you ever decide to make another game for the series, but since that seems unlikely, godspeed, and good luck in your other endeavors.


2013-03-25 09:48:51

So jon, are we allowed to not continue the series, but make spin-offs, or some such thing? Like as you said in the spoiler post, Riddle Attorney? But in all seriousness, i would like to know, because i would love to see what others could do with the "riddle" name, without being canon.

JonBro responds:

To reiterate, "I've made the difficult decision to officially discontinue the rest of the Riddle Transfer series, along with anything directly associated with the Riddle School series or its characters." So, I've also cancelled anything non-canonical with the "riddle" name.


2013-03-16 01:26:30

Man i had an ending for the last one you make was where all the charaters die slowly in a death maze


2013-03-16 01:10:52

You cant quit man you can prove your friend wrong like i do to mine they said i cant make a castle out of huge paper but i built one and they said i cant build a bookcase your games are my whole life man you cant quit prove him wrong i know you can do it.

JonBro responds:

I know I can do it. But I choose not to.


2013-03-07 14:22:30

I just want to say, thank you for the Riddle Series period. It was fun to play and quite frankly I constantly checked back on you just to see if there was anything new to play. You never disappointed me, not once. I love your series, your stories that you told with it, the character, just everything was something that I loved. I will still be checking on you for new games/movies/whatever else you make. You are truly one of my favorites and I hope you make more stuff, your stuff keeps me entertained. Thank you for Riddle School <3


2013-02-27 10:17:11

Thank you for creating the series. I enjoyed my time. I like point and click adventures. Is there anything wrong with them? I don't see any. Or perhaps I can't..
I found RS quite a long time ago.. and to date it still is interesting for me to replay them even though I've already played them before :p
I don't usually find much in platformers or anything else. Cause in those there's hardly an aim or a story.. And I like mystery. That's probably a contributing factor.

I liked your awesome humor though ^^ If I have anything to say, what I enjoyed most was Phil's funny dialogues. Will miss it.


2013-02-25 08:34:46

SuperRican has taken the words right out of my mouth. I don't game very often, and when I do I only follow a few game series', mostly point-and-click ones. Riddle School was one of them. I thank you for the good run that it had.


2013-02-23 03:05:18

I am very curious about one thing. why do people sell cloro-fill drinks for 200 dollars if it taste like grass

JonBro responds:

Maybe it's... expensive to make. I'unno


2013-02-20 21:38:16

First thing I would like to say, Thank you. This has been a great game series, even if the series isent per say completed. I remember browsing through newgrounds back in 2006 looking for a game to play. (Note: I was only 8 years old and did not have an account.) I came across Riddle School and i was interested in it. I played it and to be honest I didn't get Phil's humerus remarks. I am gifted to grew up early. By that I mean I matured faster than all my friends, at the age of 7 my mind started maturing. I started to see things clearer and understand more. That same year my dad got a desktop computer. I began to play games, and found myself to fancy more puzzle and logic games more than just some idiotic zombie shooting game. I started wondering if there were any point-click games, and came across those generic escape the room kinds. This did not bring me satisfaction, I felt as though there should be more than just trying to escape a room. Maybe a plot or some twists and turns. I gave up this search in the summer, and started to play shooting games like all other boys at my age. One year later and we're back to where i started when i found riddle school. I was intrigued so i gave it a try.(sorry if i repeat myself.)
I was truly amazed, a point-click game that had a bit of a plot to it. Short it was indeed. But, it felt different to all other escape puzzle games. This gave me hope. So i followed the riddle school series. Then RT came out. I played it yet another twist of turns! To summarize this all up, I got you point. I found your game series to be a different type of point-click game. I do not apologize for everyone who did not get the point because it is not my fault. Also it is certainly not yours. It's just how it turned out to be. I was one of the lucky ones to see your point. I am very mature beyond my age and that is a blessing and sometimes a curse. But, in this case it was a blessing. I am only 14 years going on 15 this year. Now, don't think i don't understand. I understand, I know how hard it is to keep on top of things and to work on a project for months or years. Not necessarily making a game, but i understand your anger, you made this series to get a point across to everyone. But, it did not stand out. So you find no reason to continue it. JonBro, I hope you see this comment. I know im a little late, maybe this will enlighten you a little.

JonBro responds:

I hold great respect for you, sir. Seeing your story from beginning to end gives me hope for the future. Thank you very much!