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2012-08-28 21:12:40 by JonBro

I usually suck with my website layouts, but I feel like I didn't botch it up this time.

I'm following the user page's advice to advise people to follow my user page.



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2012-08-28 21:33:55

I will follow you! Your sprite animations are awesome! I won't let you down!

JonBro responds:

Thanks :) I don't make many sprite movies anymore, but they're not completely out of the question!


2012-08-28 22:00:12

I was going to follow you but wasnt sure if you are who i thought you were

JonBro responds:

I don't know if I am who you thought I was or not. Sorry I can't help you.


2012-08-29 14:50:56

Jonbro mate. I love you, newgrounds love you and we wish you could make these games forever :)
I can't follow you for some reason because my computer is acting biscuits :(
but I hope you get loads of followers :D


2012-08-30 20:59:58

I am very much looking forward to your Project Reflect game. It's a sharp turn from your previous works, but still shows some JonBro stuff, like your frequent use of puzzles. It looks like you would enjoy this one because you've always been intrigued in the idea, and that you're focusing on the story and themes of the game, makes it somewhat more mature than Riddle School, a big step up. If what i'm saying is something to go on, then bravo. Keep us updating. Teasers and shit bro.

JonBro responds:

I shall try to do just that. Thanks, Maestro!


2012-08-31 00:40:33

I seen ur very early screenshot. It's very nice. U make a good pixel game there :D

PS : I wish u the best for ur Reflect game. :D


2012-09-02 15:08:00

Nice job, you did great, it works well, looks nice, and has a nice sense of flow in a good website, you did a great job

JonBro responds:

Thanks, Loki!


2012-09-10 05:59:05

Nice website. And goodluck on your latest project.


2012-09-12 15:35:53

I'm very interested to learn more about this new Gameboy type game you are making.gwafjaljpoveuneve

JonBro responds:

I should most certainly contact you with informitivation Shark of the Mr.


2012-09-26 00:51:13

huh, i used a cuote of yours in a review , will you sue me?

JonBro responds:

Huh! That's unusual, but cool at the same time. I think you used the quote quite well. So no, I won't spend days or weeks taking legal action against you for crediting advice I made once :P YOU HAVE BEEN SPARED THIS TIIIME.


2012-10-05 21:51:45

looks like you finally made one of those, was it because of that guy's comment?

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

What is 'one of those'? I think I missed something.

*edit* Ohhh, I suddenly got what you meant. I'm dumb. I drew the little self-portrait for my site and just thought it would work pretty well for this page, too.


2012-10-07 01:21:42

you're not dumb, i wasn't very specific anyway, and by the way, how is your new game going?

JonBro responds:

The new game hasn't been going for a while because my life has been pretty hectic for the last couple of weeks. I'd like to see the game finished, but I'm not 100% sure if I'll continue working on it anymore. It's been hard to get myself motivated to work on anything lately. I'm chipping away at other projects of mine, so with luck, I'll at least finish one of them someday.


2012-10-07 03:35:01

Wait wtf? did put the old one back

JonBro responds:

I didn't put the old image back. It still looks like the new one on my end, so either Newgrounds had a problem 2 hours ago or maybe your Internet cache didn't update it for some reason. I don't really know how that stuff worksss


2012-10-07 09:36:39

Do you play MMO's? cause if you do I want to play one with you. this post may not seem anywhere near the center of your post but not all of them can be ya know? P.S. You are the only person I actually spell and type all sophisticated like, mostly because you are awesome and you do not deserve an over abbreviatior that cuts your IQ in half with a butcher knife

JonBro responds:

Nope, I don't play any MMOs. I can't even get myself into playing most regular RPGs, with only a couple of exceptions. P. S. That's awesome, thanks :D


2012-10-07 10:38:41

The old one's still there for me too.

JonBro responds:

This is on Newgrounds, right? I just want to be sure. I know I haven't changed the image on the front page of my website. If it is Newgrounds, I'll try re-uploading the image and seeing if that changes anything.


2012-10-07 17:10:58

Oooooooooh. Can't wait to see this... A pixel game by you: That sounds amazing! Is it gonna be like pokémon classics, 'er some'in'? (I use 's a lot)

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

^ see next response


2012-10-07 17:14:27

By "Pokémon Classics", I mean like those old pokémon games, like pokémon gold version. played a java version on a random site. Oh, and will this game, like, be a BIG one? A b-b-b-BIG one?

JonBro responds:

My most recent post on my page actually states that I may have to cancel the game. I was reasonably happy with the storyline I came up with for the game, but if I were to finish it, its gameplay wouldn't be anything new and the game itself would probably go generally unnoticed because there wouldn't be anywhere to put it with its unusual size.


2012-10-08 13:03:23

It's newgrounds.

JonBro responds:

I've re-uploaded it a couple of times now, and it's currently a JPEG instead of a PNG because I figured that might do something. If it still hasn't registered, I don't know if it's a problem I can fix.


2012-10-08 21:11:40

yep, you have the new pic on your newgrounds profile, pretty cool though

JonBro responds:

Yay, it worked. Thankss


2012-10-08 21:20:47

It's there now.


2012-10-22 22:37:07

Jon bro, I've got some ideas for new games.

Ever played the game "Trapped"? The other two games in the series are "pursuit" and "escape".
1.) You could make a point-and-click game in where you have had amnesia. You might want to do a lot of planning whenever you have free time, because it is hard to make amnesiac games. They are.
2.) If you felt like trolling us, then go ahead and makes Riddle Transfer 2. I highly doubt it, though.
3.) I got this idea from that riddle school game you were going to make where he is a lawyer.
There was a crime scene, and there are a couple of suspects. You have to pick up evidence to find out who was the culprit. Perhaps you could do this?
4.) A crime scene IS happening at the moment, and you must figure out who it is.
5.) Ethan Hennnings, a man who has always had temperature problems (I got this from Zack) must conjure up a cure for his rare case by visiting a famous scientist's lab. Make a series out of it, you know for example, it is a top-secret underground FBI scientist project, and you know the key is in this one building; make a game for finding the key. Second game, is pinpointing the location and somehow making it really really fun. Third game, actually getting into the building and getting the antidote. I think this is a really good idea.

Respond as soon as possible!

JonBro responds:

1) I've played Trapped, Pursuit, and Escape. They're... honestly pretty poorly made, but I can see what you mean with your idea. A game about an amnesiac isn't out of the question, and it could be fun.
2) Nope, I've completely left the series behind. Heck, I've thought about deleting my Riddle School files from my computer a few times.
3) I've tried making an attorney/detective-based game a few different times. It's ridiculously hard. If I made one, it would take forever to write, and it wouldn't have anything new to offer that hasn't already been done better in the Phoenix Wright series.
4) This one confused me.
5) I don't know, that could be a good idea, but I have a feeling that I might be done making any series. I haven't explored enough with standalone projects.

Thanks for the ideas :)


2012-10-23 22:42:55

My dad is a expert programmer. I could very well easily help you with your game, Jon Bro, but there is only one problem. I can't seem to find the program. Do you install it, and how, or what do you do? Can you help me?

JonBro responds:

You mean Flash? It's on adobe.com.

And I appreciate the help, but this game is one that I prefer to work on by myself. It's very dear to me, which is why I've spent such a long time on it.


2012-10-27 10:28:01

Hey, did you know that Smiley's code, 51333, is the Surface Area of Mars? 51333 Cubic Meters? I find that odd. Did you do that on purpose?