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News post.

2013-04-19 18:02:24 by JonBro

This is a news post (because I don't post much news) about why I don't post much news.

Basically I went on a self-analytical text tangent on my site the other day, and it deals with why I only make 'secret projects'. So here it is, if anyone cares to read it:

I analyze my work a lot. Perhaps that's part of my downfall. Sometimes I analyze it too closely and don't see the big picture until it's ruined. Sometimes I analyze different elements of my work to the point that I never get anything done. And now I'm analyzing my self-analysis.

Creation is so confusing.


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2013-04-19 18:07:26

Fo' sho'.


2013-04-19 18:20:43

Creation is confusing, but also a wonderful thing. I seriously think that creation should be an olympic sport, because it is hard, and takes energy.


2013-04-19 18:45:27

i dont think a picture can ever be ruined really. Its ruined if you dont learn something from it. If you feel totally satisfied to the point you feel there is no point. Its good to be uncomfortable with your work, youre a learning machine, and a creative person who shouldnt settle.


2013-04-21 00:05:55

I respect a person's decision to make something a "Secret Project"

The real reason why is because usually there are many faults when announcing a new game. Usually, if someone announces the game in particular, People can get very excited, and this is great for them to be excited, but usually, after a month or so, all they do is get pissed at you for not releasing the game yet. I personally think it is better not to tell anyone of such game until you have an exact deadline. Usually people wonder when the game might come out and a response may be, "Ummmm... Maybe 3 months or so." This can make the person think 1 or 2 things: Oh, that means it's gonna come out in 3 months or less. Or, God damnit 3 Months!? Are you fucking kidding me?! (Sorry about the vulgar language) Usually, the people can lose faith in you, and worst, it wasn't 3 months, it eventually took 5 months! This can make people lose faith in you, and dislike your content. But one of the good reasons it is to show people your projects, is to show them what kind of game it is, and to see if it might be a game they would be interested in playing. Like puzzle games, Escape games, RPG's. All that rad stuff. Usually, if you do say what this game might be/look like, You need to send a picture, this won't make the person lose faith in you, but show that you are looking for a different audience than most games, Such as riddle school. This presents an opportunity to see feedback from your Audience, and see what they might like, or dislike about it, it can also be harmful as people might say Harmful things, changing other people's opinions, or even making them talk off topic completely. The good thing in feedback, is that you can see some ideas the people may have, that fills you with more ideas, to better your game. I know this might have been lengthy, and may not have helped you, but I would appreciate it if you read it, thank you, and may you have a wonderful day.


2013-04-21 05:25:39

An artists world is full of wonderful things that want to eat you alive. You should create your work in what ever way you feel most comfortable, in the end it doesn't matter what the audience knows or doesn't know about you're project pre-release. They aren't really suppose to be there to judge that part, they just play the game/watch the movie, like it or don't like it who cares. Do you're games the way you want them, it's your art. Respect it. Also what luis said.


2013-04-25 16:52:01

It seems analyticity is an endless loop.


2013-04-26 16:54:17

Pixar makes secret projects, too. They make a trailer, a preview, and that's it. They release the full project when the time is right.

They're your role-models, aren't they? See what they do that makes them who they are now.

JonBro responds:

Pixar is one of my many role models. I don't know exactly how I could be like them, though. They spend 3-5 years planning out a movie before they even start making it and there's thousands of people who work there. I sure couldn't do that with all of my work. Then again, maybe that's not relevant--it's hard to say.


2013-04-26 16:56:57

Creative people are those who can manipulate their creative mind so it won't be too confusing. You're basically a trainee in creativity. No offense.


2013-04-29 15:36:59

Your survey entry:

http://austerity.newgrounds.com/news/post/8402 10

JonBro responds:

It's kinda fascinating to look at these responses again. I can't remember how long ago I answered your questions, but my answers right now would all be practically the same. Thanks for the link :D


2013-05-30 23:41:21


JonBro responds:

I decided to make the J consistent throughout most of the different media outlets I use. So now my Twitter, Newgrounds, Steam, and website all have the same faded blue background behind a yellowish-orange J.

My main reason for doing this is to solidly differentiate all my JonBro/tehjonbro accounts from the new accounts and website I will be making soon. I'm starting fresh and I want to continue using the 'JonBro' name, but soon it will not be my main Internet alias anymore.

(More details as they come.)


2013-05-31 22:33:39

Why get a new account? You can just ask Wade to change your name. Unless, you want to put all those old games behind you and start fresh.

JonBro responds:

I want to keep the JonBro name associated with my "JonBro" works and keep a separate account for more professional things.


2013-06-01 10:17:51

Alright, I can understand that. Good luck!


2013-06-02 09:55:03

Oh, and what did you think of that really long, kinda boring comment I said, I hope you found some use in it.

JonBro responds:

I read it and really appreciate it, I just didn't don't really have a response for it.


2013-06-11 11:09:03

I really like your tangents :) It´s interesting to hear what was going on your mind when you ended the riddle transfer series and how you dealt with it.

remember, now nobody expects another riddle transfer to be released. So you shouldn´t look back, but look forward and make other awesome stuff! But I guess you´re doing this, but you´re just keeping it secret. I can live with that..

JonBro responds:

It's hard not to look back when Riddle School/Transfer was and still is a pretty big part of my life. I have confidence that I will eventually have the time and resources in the future to make much more interesting things, but in the meantime, I'm going to try learning from my past and seeing how that can affect my flow of ideas.