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Bit of a heads up - the name "JonBro" will have to go

2013-06-16 23:56:22 by JonBro

I figure this isn't worth making a front page post about yet, but for those who don't know, I just wanted to provide some fair warning that I will be leaving behind the names JonBro and tehjonbro sometime in the future. I've gone by JonBro for about eight years now, both on the web and in real life, so it's hard to wrap my mind around the idea of going by a new online alias, but I believe it's for the best.

JonBro is a fairly childish and unofficial-sounding name. I remember when I first joined Newgrounds and I wasn't old enough to meet the supposed 'age requirement', someone reviewed an animation I posted and said, "From your name, I thought you were only like 11 years old, but this isn't that bad," when in reality, I was 12 and relieved that the guy hadn't guessed my age. I will be 19 at the end of this month, gradually creeping up on the days when I will no longer be a teenager, and I still have an Internet nickname clearly intended for a preteen. If I have plans to make animation or game design a career of mine, I'd rather refer people back to a polished-looking site with a semi-professional sounding name instead of something like "JonBro.com". Additionally, I think upgrading my name would give me more incentive to act like the adult I'm slowly becoming. I'll always be a child, but I need to be an inner-child who is mature and attentive enough to clean up his work and carry out his ambitions to the fullest.

It doesn't help that there already was a jonbro before me (his name is Jonathan Brodsky) before my website ever existed. Interestingly enough, he makes games, too. I can see us both doing big things in the future, but we will surely approach our work differently and take our own separate career paths. As funny as it would be, I don't foresee us becoming a development team called "The Jon Bros" and I feel it's only fair that he keep the 'jonbro' nickname, because it actually fits his real life name, and he was around before me. He periodically gets tweets and messages from people asking him how he made the Riddle School games, and he always has to redirect the viewers to one of my profiles. I feel bad about this, and I can't expect to completely get rid of the misconceptions, but I'm hoping that if we have separate names, I can at least shrink the confusion a little bit.

When the time comes, I'll launch a new website; I'll make new account names on Newgrounds, Twitter, and YouTube; I'll stop using my JonBro NG page; and I'll change my Twitter account. I'll probably still use my current YouTube channel for anything I make that I don't take very seriously, but since I can't change the 'tehjonbro' name, I'll more or less pretend the name doesn't exist and change the channel's public title instead.

For the record, I won't pretend the "era" of JonBro never existed. Far from it, in fact; my new site will still have all my old content, just categorized a little differently, and I'll continue to embrace it as a part of myself. It's just that I want there to be a dividing line, a jump, between the time I spent making Mario parodies and Flash browser games, and the time I will spend with a fresh creative mindset trying to make my way in the world.

The reason I'm not changing it right now is that I feel the transitional period from JonBro to the new moniker is important. It's kind of a big deal to say goodbye to the identity I've had for so long, and I want to do two things:

1) I want to be sure I've done everything I want to do under the name JonBro before I dismiss it. Can't say for sure what this will entail, but I have a couple of old animations I'm interested in finishing that would be best made under the name JonBro. I might finish one of them, or both, or neither--frankly, 'neither' is the most likely option--but I'd at least like to provide this account (and the associated tehjonbro accounts) with some kind of closure.

2) I want to be sure I've prepared my new identity well enough to solidly justify its creation. It's not enough to just say, "This is what I'm called now and my website looks different," because that would be practically meaningless. I want to find some way to prove the worth of a new outlook, a new persona, whatever you want to call it, by making something special for the occasion. I have no idea how long this might take or what it could be, but I want to find out as soon as I have time and inspiration enough to go through with it.

I seriously doubt the name change will happen anytime in the next several months, but it's something I'm thinking about, and from now until it actually happens, I will surely continue to think about it a lot. Just FYI.


* (I should add that I do already have a new name picked out, so suggestions aren't necessary)


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2013-06-17 00:22:05

Sounds like good reasoning to me, I wish that you find a name that suits you and your wishes well! I was a bit tempted to only write "Cool story, Bro" as comment ^^


2013-06-17 00:25:10

You can PM Wade or Tom with a username change request instead of making a new account in case you want to keep your 2,600 fans, unless you want to challenge yourself and try to gain them back with your new work / start fresh.

JonBro responds:

I'd rather start fresh because the numbers don't mean much to me. I appreciate each and every person who has clicked the Follow button over time, but I honestly don't think I'll use Newgrounds much anymore. This isn't out of a lack of respect for Newgrounds--I just don't want to make simple Flash videos and browser games anymore if I can help it. Everything I most want to make is too big.


2013-06-17 03:12:06

I guess if you leave forwarding internet addresses here and elsewhere, it should be all good.
So your goal is to make a stand-alone type game? For PC or portable formats... or even dare I say consoles?

JonBro responds:

More or less. I don't know how I'll do it, but I have a few ideas, at least.


2013-06-17 14:55:30

Hmmmm... let me help you out with names...

*This awesome sounding word/name means Huge/Enourmous

Alright, I'm out of ideas, you're on your own pal.

P.S. if you use any of these names, you better give me credit! >:(

JonBro responds:

I already have a specific name planned, actually, but I'll admit "Brojon" was on my brainstorming list.

...Bubbles? Lolll


2013-06-18 13:21:36

I can accept this. You should do what suits you. But if you do make another website, please put all the games and animations that you made as Jonbro on it. Otherwise it would just be insanely inconvenient.


2013-06-18 16:28:19

I couldn't help but listen to this as I read that post.
God bless you, you magnificent person!


2013-06-19 12:57:45

Dude do whatever makes comfortable as long as your awesome ideas come to be supportors like myself will be happy for whatever you do


2013-06-22 18:55:27

hey im new to you even though i played your games a lot as a little kid


2013-06-22 19:33:54

well good for u and your transition but i dont see anything wrong with the name jonbro but then again im only11 so. also are u gonna delete your account

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

I'll keep my old account along with all my animations and games. I'll just sorta keep them in their own category.

People have told me that they don't see anything wrong with the name "JonBro" because it's kinda like "Hasbro", and Hasbro is a big successful company and its name doesn't sound weird. But if I were to make some dark serious game about life and death or something, I don't think a name like JonBro would work very well :P The name I have in mind is a bit more versatile.


2013-06-24 01:07:10

Well, I'm totally okay with the name change, heck, at least you have a real username, 'Axxpym' was nothing more than me randomly hitting letters on the keyboard. Afterwards I grew attachd the the name and use if for most of my accounts.


2013-06-25 21:14:52

I still have an alias that has stuck with me from when I was 8. Mrpeanut188 doesn't quite represent me in any way.


2013-06-26 09:52:59

I think JonBro sounds fine. But don't use the initials (JB). :P

Things I'd buy with the name "JonBro" on it:
>baked beans
>chocolate bars
>peanut butter
It's a pretty versatile name.

But if you need a change, turn it into "JonBrah".
...no one says "bro" these days anymore.

JonBro responds:

Oh, goodness, I wouldn't change my name to JB or JonBrah. The former is easily confused with pop culture and the latter is easily confused with a woman's undergarments. And actually "bro" is used pretty commonly these days, but it's usually in association with PewDiePie's "bro army" on YouTube.


2013-06-26 16:12:45

If you like pewdiepie, I think I just lost an enormous amount of respect for you.

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

I don't. His fanbase is another reason I think it'd be good to change my name.


2013-06-27 16:37:48

Oh and another thing, no matter what name you pick, I'm always gonna acknowledge you as Jonbro

JonBro responds:

I mean, I'd rather you not, but it can't really be helped. People will call me JonBro until the day I die.


2013-06-27 21:51:18

That's a daring leap to make my friend! Especially when you'll be starting fresh with a new profile any everything.

I've been thinking a lot myself about moving on from "Goat-Man". It was a name I picked when I was about 14 or 15, and I have just grown out of it. I want something more original and mature. Although I'm having trouble settling on a new moniker. I've actually started crediting myself under my real name, but I'd still like something to go along with that.

I also don't have the courage to start a new account. I'd feel like I was letting go just a little too much. The biggest thing for me is how many projects have me authored as Goat-Man within the movie/game itself.

Best of luck in the future to yourself and whoever you decide to be ;)

JonBro responds:

You could try keeping the Goat-Man name and modelling it after the legendary monster so it's more hardcore and refined: http://www.monstropedia.org/index .php?title=Goatman

That's probably not what you want to do but it's just an idea :P
Many thanks, Goat-Man. Figuring out who I want to be is still something I'm kinda struggling with. I'm mostly satisfied with who I am right now but I don't feel like it'll last forever, so it's a tricky problem to solve.


2013-06-30 00:28:04

I think this is a good idea for you. I mean it's not so much as just starting all over as some people may take it but, more as you're starting a new chapter, same book just a new chapter. I'm pretty sure this is what you are trying to get out to your fans. I think you have seen my comment where i grew up on your games in a way. I do like pewdiepie but, sometimes i cannot take him seriously. As I get older i take him less seriously, so it does not help. I have not watched many of his videos that much. His name is part of the reason but, he's still in a childish state of mind. Unlike you, you're ready to begin that new chapter and take on your role as an adult slowly but firmly. I will continue to follow you on your journey into your new chapter. If I were ever to become a game designer and what not, I'm not trying to be a hypocrite but, I would keep this name. Because not only did i start calling myself this it has sentimental value to me. But I think I have gone long enough on this comment. Whatever your new name is and like you said you already have it decided, I will gladly call you that. Because as much as everyone knows you as JonBro. I think it is, in a way disrespectful. Also like you stated would not be fair to the original JonBro. Just keep on doing what you have to, I'll follow you the whole way.

JonBro responds:

"Same book, just a new chapter." I like that, it seems like a good way to put it. All your points make sense to me, and I don't think you're a hypocrite for wanting to keep your current name. You might change your mind someday, you might not, but it's not like it's a necessity for everyone to change nicknames in their life. If what works for you now will work for you later, hey, might as well stick with it. Thanks for the support, SuperRican!


2013-07-05 17:42:38

Do you still sometimes wear two pair of socks?

JonBro responds:

Occasionally, although it's summer right now so I haven't really been wearing any socks.


2013-07-06 12:25:51

whats your new name going to be

JonBro responds:

I don't plan on revealing it for a while.


2013-07-09 14:21:19

What's the point of all of that? I don't see anything wrong with the name Jonbro. But I'm not you, and if I was in your shoes I might have done the same.

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

To put it in perspective, if I made some dark, serious, metaphorical short film, and the name attached to it was JonBro, there would be conflicting tones and I doubt as many people would take it as seriously as if I had a more versatile name. I couldn't picture someone named JonBro making a game like LIMBO or directing a film like The King's Speech. Those might be random and somewhat extreme examples but maybe they make some sense.


2013-07-11 13:15:28

I'm ok with the name change, i always felt jonbro was immature at this day and age.

Also HI JON.

JonBro responds:

HI LUIS. I always think about what you told me when I think about changing my name.


2013-07-11 16:56:00

I always think of that awkward falling out we had. ;0

JonBro responds:

Never mind that, we coo'


2013-07-18 12:29:51



2013-07-28 20:18:59

You deserve a cookie. Perhaps 2.

JonBro responds:

You deserve 3 cookies. Also a cabbage, unless that's cannibalism


2013-07-29 23:42:22

That's a very daring leap to make! I really have to get used to the fact that your "Jonbro" persona will pretty much leave the internet at some point. At least you'll be providing closure to the name Jonbro and the associated Tehjonbro accounts. I came up with my name when I was 15, I might change it, might not, I'll just let things go naturally. I guess some might be sad, but you did what you could. No one can stay immature forever. And your growing. Jonbro is indeed a childish name that would be more of a name for a 12 year old, not someone who will be in their 20`s. And since you'll be starting fresh with a new account, your really standing out. I'm sure not many have the courage to go through with something like that. Good luck with whatever man you want to be. And I will never forget this moment.


2013-07-30 10:11:09

A month-long trip to Asia and this happens...

"JonBro" now indeed sounds childish, mainly since the Jonas Brothers are for little girls. And I'm not kidding. After all, you didn't come up with that name. Someone from the deepest parts on a completely real ocean named Sea of The Awesome Man's Sister did, and she bacon.

New name. I'm cool with that. Everyone is. Except the fools still boiling about bald versions of Thomas Ridgewells wearing green sweaters. They should seriously get over it.

How about you call yourself a shortened alias of your real name. i.e. Justin Bieber calls himself Just-a-bee.

JonBro responds:

I have an idea for what I'd like to call myself. I won't be taking notes from notorious pop singers :P


2013-08-14 20:08:03

When is this going to happen?

JonBro responds:

I'm still not sure. First I have to finish school and then I want to try to finish some other things, but I'm guessing it'll happen before the end of the year.


2013-08-25 20:06:12

When will you make a new news post :(

JonBro responds:

Not much has been happening with me for a while because I'm still in school and trying to focus, so my next post will probably happen whenever I finish all my courses. No telling when that'll be, unfortunately. It's also worth mentioning when I change my online name, that'll probably be the last news post I make here.


2013-09-11 22:04:07

I signed up for a Coding/Animating course in School. Really excited to start!


2013-09-16 18:44:52

While you will make your website will Riddle Transfer 2 Be on progress?

JonBro responds:

I cancelled RT2 permanently. I'm working on other things now that I think will be far more enjoyable.


2013-09-20 19:40:46

send me a message when jonbro freakin change

JonBro responds:

I'll probably make a front page Newgrounds post when it happens


2013-09-21 22:29:20

Thanks JonBro. I had that same thought a while ago. I realized I can't keep having DoctorSCREAMS be my name. Remember that guy who gave you those suggestions? I hope you keep them in mind. Anyway, I would be him, and so I chose a more "professional name". My name, but not my true name: It's a pseudonym, but it's close enough. Anyway, nice job on your [REVIVE] game. I thought it was excellent. Most excellent. And also, I may have a few more ideas for you. For standalone games, but you can turn them into series if you wish.

(1) Project GLOP [Genetic Liquid Organization of Parts]
So, basically kind of like the same format as [REVIVAL], and the main character is normally a thing, and can change into different things that are made of slime (R for regular to change back to normal, or you can just use a gray switch), like a red switch will turn you into a worm thing that can go up walls, blue switch will let you turn into a toad or a crocodile slime thing that is really drippy and also it can go in water, a purple switch will let you turn into a medium/large monster (like the Inedible Hunk from Captain Underpants) that can push large objects, is fat and heavy, so cannot jump, and a yellow switch will let you turn into a scorpion thing that can spit poison with W or balls of spider web that unravel themselves when you press Q (it always will shoot about 2 inches across computer screen or 1 inch in front of you), and they can make small tiny little temporary platforms that cannot be used on water (because people can't aim they can't be smart alecs and put them barely above the water) and they float for a while, and you jump, and then after 5 seconds they let down, which is just enough time to do it, (animation takes 4 seconds), and then you click on the spider web platform you want to go to, and it nearly instantly slings a web to it, and you go right on it. Anyway, it can be this guy that is not a test subject, but he is out on the street knocked out cold, and he wakes up with these powers, but the city is all abandoned, so each level is just avenues, maybe some stairs, a few rivers, some hotel's pool, which has no fencing around it (odd), and it can actually be just a giant set in which some people have captured and put him there, and so then he escapes, defeats them, etc. But it seems like he is in an abandoned large city (kinda like NYC but 0 population)


2013-09-22 11:14:33

BTW, that doesn't really have to be a flash game if you don't want it to be a flash game.

(2) Project PLASMA [Periodic Laser Androids Shooting Machinery Attacks]
So in the first cutscene, it shows a 12 year old (doesn't have to be flash), well roughly a child or something, and some parents saying "We have to go!" and then they go, and they don't return. And then it says THIRTEEN YEARS LATER, and in that setting when he's like 25, there are robots taking over the planet, and they're almost done, and so they live in a city that is supposed to be robot-proof, with a big wall and lots of defense lasers etc. etc. etc. and so eventually the robots are supposed to be slowly hammering and wittling down the defenses, and you have not only to fight the robots that are breaking in, you also must solve the case of how and why the robots are attacking, and so you gotta break into their stronghold, and like their are levels each with a cutscene, like Level 1 would be where you have to go to the Chancellor, and some androids are blocking your way, and so you have to defeat them, ya know. Level 2 would be on the walls, fighting the androids that are trying to harpoon their way up. If you want, you can make it first person, somewhere have a mirror to see what you look like, or not, and then Level 3 would be going to another wall where they broke literally through, and you have to hold off for repairs, and there would be multiple objectives, etc. and Level 4 would be where you briefly talk to the Chancellor and then you go into the Fortress, and you can make up the rest of it. Third or First person, whichever you want.

JonBro responds:

I do appreciate the thoughts, but coming up with my own ideas is probably 80% or more of the fun I have making games


2013-09-23 14:54:04

JonBro, you're my favorite game creator. Not only are you professional, you actually are free, and you respond to the fans, and you make good, puzzling games. In the future, can you make an action game?

(Updated ) JonBro responds:

I'll make whatever games I come up with ideas for. I'd certainly like to try making less puzzle-based and more action-based games at some point, and I have a few ideas at this point. I don't think my work will always be free, though. Every game I've made so far is a browser game, so it makes perfect sense for those to be free, but I hope to start making larger, more in-depth games that would make more sense on Steam or something. We'll see if that works out.


2013-09-23 18:57:55

Finally Jonbro, can you give me the actual link to download Action Script 2?

JonBro responds:

I can't exactly, because ActionScript is built into Flash. So if you buy Flash, then you have ActionScript by default


2013-09-24 21:41:07

Okay, then Jonbro, goodnight as its 8:38 PM Eastern, and know I will always support you in a brosomely way. Brosomely man. Not romantic, just bromantic. Anyway, g'night, and have fun making some more games.

P.S. Add an icecube in one of your next following 34 games.

JonBro responds:

Haha, I'll probably add numerous ice cubes without even realizing it


2013-09-28 16:43:49


JonBro responds:

O hei


2013-10-05 05:16:20

Hey jonbro can I ask you something?

First - Why you like to create game(s) and how you learn it?(because I also want to try develop some game(s)

Second - When did you started to create game(s)?(I was thinking about my age is suitable or not.)

Lastly - Does making game(s) is very hard?

Sorry my English is not very good.

JonBro responds:

I've always liked playing video games, and I've always liked trying to bring ideas to life (like through animation). When I discovered Flash (I was almost 11 years old at the time), I just wanted to make little movies with it, but I was told that it also had the capability to create games because it has a special language built in called ActionScript.

I looked up tutorials and eventually learned how to make simple buttons, which later grew into how to make point-and-click games after I accumulated knowledge from even more tutorials. That's pretty much how I learn everything--I explore a lot of things on my own, but I also look up a lot of tutorials. There are hundreds of different ways to code the exact same function in ActionScript, and I wouldn't ask for advice from me, because my ways are probably pretty inefficient.

Making games is very hard. It's harder depending on what kind of game you're planning on making, but point-and-click games are a good place to start. In my case, I keep trying to make things that are more and more difficult to put together, because while it's incredibly hard and time-consuming (could take weeks, months, or years to finish just one project), developing games is a really fun and rewarding process and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.


2013-10-06 00:54:53

For some reason, I had a dream where your new usernmae is wumbo.

JonBro responds:

Yep, my new name will be Wumbo. I'm going to be a new shaman in the next Banjo-Kazooie game.


2013-10-13 20:08:01

ummm tophats wumbo is a FUNNEH NAME HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH.lollololololololololololololololol to mush laughterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lollolololol TOOOOO FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HSHHSHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH

JonBro responds:



2013-10-14 09:41:40

well that was akward


2013-10-14 09:46:10

that was extremly akward


2013-11-18 18:08:44

For some weird reason I think I found his new username...

JonBro responds:

Yep, it exists now. I wish I could change my jonbro.com site to just be a redirect to the new site, and minimize the hosting space. Need a few more details for that.


2013-12-21 01:59:18

This reminds me of when I changed my interweb name, I remember I changed it several times because my names meanings kept on becoming outdated. Even the one I have now has lost some of it's meaning, although it still sounds cool to me, plus I can't be arsed to change my username again.

If you're for some strange reason curious of what my usernames were and meant, here's a list:

1. Aaa13: Means nothing, that's why I changed it. It's not because I was 13 when I made it, it's just random nonsense actually.

2. Trickmind: A nickname from a book my mother was reading called 'trick of the mind' I've never read this book so...

3. TheGoldenCola: My first attempt to give a username that represented my personality, it sucked.

4. Slarstorm: Originally meant to be 'Starstorm' when 'StarStorm' was already taken in a fit of frustration and indifference I just replaced 't' with 'l' and was done with it, later I found out a 'slar' is a technical term for the obtuse triangle wing on the back of a plane, or something.


2013-12-21 02:13:23

Uh, the purpose of the comment below is to say that you should put some thought into your new username, didn't exactly make that clear.

Especially since you have a fan base and I don't, so it matters a lot more.