Riddle School 6 really is out now.

2011-04-01 16:41:49 by JonBro

Here is the link to the REAL Riddle School 6:


(Everything below this point is fake April Fool's Day information)


Yep, a full year after Riddle School 4, and almost a full year after Riddle School 5.


Riddle School 6 really is out now.


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2011-04-01 16:43:01

I'm so proud. Also first post

JonBro responds:

I must say, you did a fine job.


2011-04-01 16:48:36

O SHI- Gon' go play this!

JonBro responds:

Yeah. Personally, I think this is probably the best game in the series. It was probably because of Luis.


2011-04-01 16:48:47

I finished the game.

JonBro responds:

I lost the game.


2011-04-01 16:59:07

Man, that was easier than the 5th one!

JonBro responds:

Well, give me suggestions, and I'll take them into consideration for Riddle Schools 7, 8, 9, and 10.


2011-04-01 17:02:41

Saw that coming before I even clicked this.

JonBro responds:

Saw what coming? Oh, you think I'm joking.


2011-04-01 17:05:31

Its a joke even before I have to play.

JonBro responds:

That's not very nice :(


2011-04-01 17:56:28

I think you veered a bit from the series with this one, although the fat joke sort of works in context of one of the riddles schools, but overall it feels much different. Not that its a bad thing, Series are always nice to deviate from the original instead of releasing the same game over and over again. Good job though, keep it up.

JonBro responds:

Your comment is my favorite, turtleco.


2011-04-01 18:49:56

I'm speechless. Really, I wonder how you found that flash.


2011-04-01 18:50:28

A little different from the rest of the games, but. . . Awesome !


2011-04-01 20:08:14

Wow, this game may be the greatest thing ever to be made since...air.


2011-04-02 00:06:02

Is the fat kid Phil's cousin Numa? April Fools. (I need to get a life D:)


2011-04-17 17:46:22

-OpelSpeedster sez: DIS IS FAIK!! XD XD XD

Easter Egg: Change the letter "S" to "Z" :3


2011-05-04 08:26:16

I thought phileggtree is making it


2011-06-03 21:46:41

Hey, why when I open the application, it turns out not to be riddle school 6, instead something else?

JonBro responds:

That's because... well... there's not a riddle school 6 :(


2011-09-10 14:36:23

I love this games!


2014-06-27 00:25:02

JonBro not stop creating these games please

JonBro responds:

Sorry, I've stopped making these games--but I haven't stopped making games!


2015-03-04 00:19:20

Ok i know its been a while since you have cancled.thos series but i always wanted to ask you this. If you were to make one more game to finish off this series how would you end it.


2016-05-16 12:07:29

Great game i love all of em also i have a few sugestions:It can be set in sewers,caves,ect maby if its in the sewers you can find a crowbar and maby the current threw your friends away and the map is a maze?Sorry if you dont like any of these ideas.


2016-05-31 18:28:03

Turns out there is a Riddle School 7 if you know what I mean. So Jon, all we need now is 8, 9, 10, 11, and- I'm just kidding. Good job making Riddle Transfer 2 just in time for the 10th ANNIVERSARY. So take a break for a while, enjoy the upcoming summer, take a bath, feed Goat-Man, and whenever you're ready one day, make Riddle Transfer 3 if you want to.