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Ever since this was released eight years ago, it's remarkable how many times this song has randomly popped back into my life, and how I've never become irritated by this fact. It somehow has the perfect softness and repetition to stay comfortably stuck in one's head for... well, forever, just about. The artwork is incredibly unique and memorable, too, complementing the song in a way no other style would. It's not that I love this animation, but I'm thoroughly impressed by how long it has rattled in my mind for no reason.

You DO have to be most careful. I mean, what if you have a baby on accident? ...LUIS.

I won't lie, this is objectively terrible in basically every way (and you're aware of that), but it's also strangely enjoyable for reasons I can't even describe. I ended up hitting the Repoop button several times. Maybe it's the obviousness of the crappy pun and the level of personality the little turds have that cause this to be acceptable as art. Congrats on an impressively successful attempt at making an unsuccessful animation. You should not be ashamed by such a feat.

Bowel excrement.

I can't even put my finger on what the appeal of Plungerdog is. All I know is that in the past week, I've come back and watched this animation at least six or seven times. The characters, voice acting, artwork, and pacing are all completely unnatural in a way that's very charming, oddly humorous, and somehow cohesive. The scattered background details also give this already unique animation extra personality and cause me to notice something new every time I watch it. Everything about it just miraculously fits, like a pair of pants that fell from the sky.

Jae responds:

damn thanks a lot jonbro! big fan!

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A unique, mind-bending concept done very well. It eases you into the mechanics, it doesn't overstay its welcome, and the later stages utilize an impressive abundance of fresh ideas.

I personally disagree with every "fatal flaw" mentioned in LadyZexion's review, as I actually consider all those "cons" to be pros.
1. I love the fact that the New Game+ is an easier, clearer vision of the game. It gives you a better perspective of everything you went through the first time and is rewarding in its own way.
2. The ambient soundtrack contributed a lot to the atmosphere of the game, and I didn't grow tired of it, as it never got in the way of the puzzles.
3. The triangular jumping arc may look slightly odd, but it suits the mechanics and I always had the right feel for how high and how far I was jumping. It would not have worked as well any if it had been designed any other way.
4. I found the ending satisfying, because it was appropriately simple and thought provoking, a sound reflection of the game as a whole. It created the illusion that the world within the game was of a much more tremendous scale than it is, and it caused me to question my own life perspective. Sometimes the most fulfilling conclusion is something that goes against what you hope it will be.

I will say I didn't understand the inclusion of lives. My best guess is that they were incorporated to discourage the player from solving each puzzle with trial and error, forcing them to carefully consider their every move, but it took away some of the game's immersion for me, and it irked me when I would misjudge a single jump or step on my last life and the game would force me to replay the previous room. It seemed unnecessary and I think the game would have benefited from not having a lives system.

I feel privileged to have experienced Naya's Quest. Upon reaching the end, it's beyond me how anyone could even pull something like this off in Flash.

The controls are great. The hard part is figuring out how to use them.

My only real gripe is that the one-block-wide pathways required a little too much precision. I felt as though the point of the game was fighting disorientation, and the unforgiving collision detection in narrow spaces conflicted with that point. I can't imagine that mastering the X.C.V.B. unique mechanic would have made timing those tight turns any easier.

I had fun and felt obligated to play the game until I beat it. Now that that's done, I'm going to see if I can make an acronym out of the name.
"X-ecuting Controls in Variegated Bemusement" ...I don't know.

My feelings are... mixed. I have some great things, some mediocre things, and one especially unhappy thing to say about this game.

First off, I seriously admire how much detail there is. From beginning to end, the artwork is solid and beautiful to look at, and nothing ever feels out of place. The parallax-scrolling title logo in the first stage was a really cool way to introduce the game, and the controls are easy enough to figure out by the time you get to Level 2. Everything runs very smoothly, and you certainly caught the feel of old 16-bit classics like Sonic the Hedgehog with the catchy music and level design--except here, the controls are more manageable and the fast pace of the gameplay is very infrequently interrupted. The difficulty curve is also pretty respectable, and I can tell the game is just designed to feel rather satisfying to play through.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the background and foreground, or which platforms you can jump through and which ones you can't, which can be pretty disconcerting at times. Occasionally, I found it unclear which direction I was supposed to be going to reach the end of a stage, starting with the first maze-like "Oxygen Plants" level. And when I finally met the requirements to enter one of the bonus stages to save one of the other Ripple subjects, I found the penalty for not collecting quite enough vials within the time limit to be really unforgiving, so completing the game 100% sounds like it would be more frustrating than fun.

I also found it irritating that the protagonist has a maximum health meter of four hearts most of the time, but he always starts out with two hearts upon entering a level or respawning, and if he gets hit even once, all you hear until you either die or find another heart is *blip-blip-blip-blip*... From what I've been able to tell, there is no way to turn this alert sound off without turning off all the sound in the game, and this saddens me because I enjoy the music and sound effects.

Now, for my biggest complaint, and the main reason I have mixed feelings about this game: If I'm being completely honest here, even with all of its beauty, I feel like this is almost as generic of a hop-and-bop game as they come. From a gameplay perspective, there's not much about this experience that makes it stand out. You run, jump, and swing a beam-sword, and meanwhile there are a bunch of small objects to collect. I was intrigued when that hover suit and boomerang disc were introduced, only to be disappointed when I found how rarely they were utilized throughout the game. As I played on, I kept hoping for more unique mechanics--new ideas that built upon past levels to create new experiences. Instead, every level felt basically the same, just laid out a little differently, save for the boss battle and mini-chase sequence at the end.

If I had to summarize my thoughts, I'd say Ripple Dot Zero does everything that it does very well, but some areas could have been improved, and the overall experience had a depressing amount of missed potential.

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Oh my goodness gracious.

This falls into the very short list of songs I've laughed out loud listening to.

Why haven't I heard this before?

Your music is inspirational to me. And this is the most upbeat song I've heard from you. It feels like I just finished a long journey to walk through a gate into one of the most enormous and mystifying carnivals ever. Everything fits. This needs a score much higher than 2/5.

cazok responds:

Yeah well the NG audio portal isn't really the best place for a serious composer.
I'm sad to say I'm done composing for NG artists :(
Thanks for your comments though!

I really like this.

The chords, the pace, the simplicity, they all complement each other very well.

The only reason this is a 9 and not a 10 is that I keep feeling like it's missing something. I think if the song was, say, twice as long, and the second half of the song had a slightly different tone and mood from the first, it would keep the wonderfully tranquil feel but give more emotional variety. Or something like that. I don't know how to describe what I mean.

Still, nice job.

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I'm really glad to see this here. I've been lurking the TIGsource forums for the past few days, browsing threads full of game mockups and pixel art, and when I came across this picture, it left an incredible impression. The whole thing is very well composed with wonderful contrast--it feels subdued and mysterious, but at the same time, triumphant and hopeful. The detail and depth are positively mind-blowing, as well. I can't even wrap my mind around how this only contains 56 colors. You've created a masterpiece, and I feel guilty for not knowing how to appreciate it more.

This is just mind-blowing. I'm sure it took long enough just to compile a long list of famous rabbits, but to organize them so wonderfully, with so much detail, a soft and consistent color scheme, keeping them all loyal to their original art styles while making them all look like part of the same universe... Just. Holy crap.

From left to right, here's what I recognize:
March Hare (Alice in Wonderland), the Nesquik rabbit, Cuddles (Happy Tree Friends), a rabbit from Braid, a Super Mario Galaxy bunny, Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh), Peppy Hare, Johnny Style (Zack & Wiki), Thumper (Bambi), Bionic Bunny, Cream the Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, American Rabbit, Buster Baxter, Lola Bunny, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the bunny from Pixar's Presto short, "Zero Jr." (Virtue's Last Reward), Buster (Tiny Toons), King (Cave Story), Jazz Jackrabbit, the "Were-Rabbit" (Wallace & Gromit), Babs (Tiny Toons), the rabbit from Super Mario 64, killer bunny (Monty Python), Max (Sam & Max), a Raving Rabbid, White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland)

I kinda feel ashamed for not knowing more of them, but I love you for the ones that I did. There are a few others I've seen before but I don't feel qualified to say I guessed them, like the dad rabbit from Gumball, Binky from Life in Hell, and any of the ones that look like Pokemon, but I'm sure I'll continue to find new characters I recognize in here that I didn't even notice for a looong time.

One of the world's happiest pictures.

Really, no happier pictures come coming to mind. It's so happy.

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