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A serious monologue about Riddle Transfer

Posted by JonBro - October 21st, 2011

For those of you who care, which is probably very few of you. But that's okay.
I just had to get some things off my mind.


Riddle Transfer series has been cancelled, redirect to this post:

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You have a very calm, easy to listen to voice. You should do a podcast. Also I'm very impressed with your motivation to continue these projects if you disliked doing them so much. In the past if I've ever not enjoyed doing a project I'd just drop it, and I think that's true with a lot of other people as well. The fact that you could push yourself to finish 2 (3?) games that you didn't necessarily want to be doing at the time is quite impressive. I wish I had the ability to push myself past disinterest, I'd probably have a lot more things uploaded to NG.

Thanks, Jimtopia :)
...I think I have more to say about your message, but I can't put it into words.

That... was... just, you sir are... a... freakin'... inspiration, to hundreds, possibly thousands (including me) to create different things, and your monologue moved me It made me realise how important a human soul is... in other words... This made me think (like Heavy rain.) about people, it made me wonder if other flash creators feel this way.

You are an inspiration, your works should be more appreciated then madness, why? Because you WORKED HARD! I may just be a stupid fan boy when i say this but, you are the greatest flash creator who ever lived... well at least in my opinion. You inspired me, but sadly I don't have flash, so i can't show my inspiraton on the internet.

I hope you have better luck in the future because, well, it sounds like you have a hard life so far, I just hope its not like this for you any more because, you have emotions...


at parts you sound really sad:( (what you say)
i agree with you! your social life is more important than RS and RT or other games!
i dont care if RT doesnt come out in years cuz i understand why
now go do what ever you want or finish up school work or other things more important to you...:)

You know, I only caught the new Riddle Transfer but never knew the other episodes. From what I gathered from it, I perceived a very talented, witty gentleman at the helm. First impressions were grand.

As you chatted about the inner turmoil behind the development of Riddle School and your own disdain for high school, I began to see glimmers of myself reflected back. Even my brother often questions the validity of producing a work of Flash for the masses and we often cringe at how we are perceived by everyone. That shouldn't stop either of us from trying, though.

Will Flash become a form of art as interesting as other mediums? To the niche market, it has. Never will it ride the mainstream, but it can become just as good if not better than many of the games being produced for consoles and in other programming languages. The trick is finding like-minded people who can concentrate on a project that aims to produce something on par with those machines. A few people, working individually, have done so. Still others have devised genres through the browser medium. The plethora of Tower Defense and Upgrade games that debuted are rooted heavily in Flash developers. The renaissance of graphic point-and-click adventures is attributed to browser game developers also. Of course, the flip-side is the sheer glut of bad imitators and forgettable games, so carving out a positive, mainstream-breaking success out of this comedy of errors is doubtful. Few people will hold that any game has any artistic merit.

However, I still remember playing Riddle Transfer and I still recall enjoying it. Now, I won't say it touched me, but being the first part of a series, I was confident that it would only get better, even though I could not imagine how that could be possible. There's a gentleman I'd like you to get acquainted with. Now, he's not a Flash developer, but he's independent, and he's been making the same style of role-playing games since '94. His are the stuff of old school legends and keep you occupied for hours of play. If you seek a little inspiration to pull through a trudging effort as grand as Riddle Transfer, look up Jeff Vogel on the net. His business is at <a href="http://www.spidweb.com">www.spidweb.com</a>. You don't have to purchase his games either; he dishes out fully functional demos, good for some cheap thrills and to test it out.

Anyway, hope that helps you. Good luck, Jon!

Jon don't suicide D: i'll miss you. oh and i love you too (not fag) :3
alright Jon, i don't mind that u will stop creating RT,as long as you keep progamming. not everything has to be a series,u can make short movies, other interesting games, and stuff like dat.
if u started programming since age 11 then ur fucking good at it aren't you?can you teach me how to program? D:~

oh and if u need beta testing u can send me the raw beta to look for lags or maybe music that will fit in or whatever, i'll be glad to help you ^^

ur awesome Jon-randomlastname smith :3 sexy voice.

ignore the smilies i woke up just an hour ago, i really tried to be serious here...

You need to work on something you enjoy. Making a Riddle Transfer 5 won't stop people from asking. Killing off all the characters won't stop them from asking. If you really feel you have to tell this story don't do it because people want more because they always want more. Do it because you enjoy it. I'm not saying screw the fans, but you seem really depressed about working on these games and that's not healthy. Enjoy what you do.


That sounds pretty flamboyant. I'LL TRY IT!!

You should stop the series. If you don't enjoy it then there is no point doing it, I really won't enjoy it now I know you didn't enjoy making it. You have already left the series on an ending point &quot;Phil escapes into the sewers&quot; now you can just say &quot;and gets back home&quot; and end it there. There is no point pushing yourself and into something you don't want. You don't need to continue it, no one is forcing you, just continue with your life. That's what I would do, the only reason I haven't put flash's on is because I have friend problems. And if you feel you need to continue it, you only need to do 1 which shows them going home or Phil fooling the FBI or even Diz wipes thier memory. There is really no point continuing something you don't want to continue for so long. All Phil is is a student at a normal primary school with normal friends. Why not leave it and let the imagination of everyone else decide thier own stories? If Hudson said &quot;No more Bomberman, period&quot; Sure, loads of people will object but they are the creators and they can decide what happens. If Tom Fulp said &quot;No more Pico&quot; he will only continue it because HE wants to. No one can order you around saying &quot;More Riddle School&quot; or &quot;More Phil&quot; or &quot;More point and click games about students that now know what sex is at the age of 7-8 and have funnier jokes than Disney&quot;. If you don't want to continue it, then don't. Create something new, let new ideas loose, do what you want to do not what someone else wants.

Sorry about your worries, bro.

This might just be another stupid suggestion you've gotten 1000 times before, but why not outsource some of the work? You'd think there'd be some capable designers/artists/writers/coders within Riddle Transfer's huge and dedicated fanbase. You could work on other personal projects (or just take a freaking break) while overseeing production by a dev team. Even outside of the fanbase, the fact that these games have accumulated millions of views is enough to get
the attention of a lot of people who'd like to be a part of that.

Of course, collaboration can open up a whole new can of worms...

I'm a massive fan of the Riddle games. I've been secretly planning out a Riddle fangame in my mind, but it'll probably never see the light of day because I'm a terrible artist and programmer.

Let me tell you something, though. From one artist to another.

I'm a writer on the side. My DeviantArt account (&quot;sonicinterface&quot; in case you're interested) is full of material. I have tons of unfinished series, and I've been numerous times in situations where people have begged me to write more of something when I just haven't had the urge. I hate to let them down, but I don't want to write anything only because people are demanding me to.

Much like the situation you keep ending up in. That's why I think I understand you. The only serious difference between you and me is our favored mediums.

I'm not very good at ending anything definitively. I like to leave things open, just in case I get an idea I can't put down. If I were making the Riddle series, I would never say I was going to put it down for good. I might never actually make another chapter, but I'd never rule out the possibility completely.

Just keep Phil and the others in the back of your mind. Don't forget about them completely, but don't force yourself to think about them either. You may get your second wind when you least expect it. You started Riddle Transfer because you got a perfect idea for how to continue the story from its apparent end, and that could happen again.

And if it takes more than a decade before the Transfer series reaches its conclusion, hell, I'm okay with that. I've got lots other games to play in the meantime.

To keep things brief:

It's good to hear that everything is so clear for you and you understand that since you're not doing this for the money, you should only work on something when you feel it's appropriate to do so; you shouldn't push yourself and there's plenty of real life obligations to keep you busy anyway.

Don't stress out, ignore the fans when you need to, specially the fandumb (<a href="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FanDumb">http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php /Main/FanDumb</a>), keep things working on your own pace and don't work at all if need be and keep in mind why you make the series and enjoy doing so.

Oh, and btw, no growing up kid and teenager deserves the added pressure that stems from internet idiots... it's bad enough to have to deal with real life, much less GIFTs (<a href="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GIFT">http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php /Main/GIFT</a>).

And do know that a lot of people do thoroughly enjoy the creations you've brought to life and you should feel justly proud and happy for just that.

Make money with it! it can be like a a job if you want to!!!

The feeling of obligation is a shadow that you need to face and ultimately dissipate.

You owe no one anything. And no matter what folks on the internet ask of you, guilt is the last thing you should feel. There's always going to be enough guilt and obligation and stress in your personal life, family life, academic or occupational life ... your passion cannot be lumped together among them.

You sound like you're sorting things out. But, honestly, I'd go one step further with i-smel's advice : just stop making stuff for people for a while. Literally, just explore new ideas with no vulture of expectation hanging over your head.

Just make stuff for you. And when you feel like sharing. Share.

Well said. This is what I'm working toward now.

Jonbro I dont care how long it takes for your games to come out. Dont rush it. It's worth the wait.

yikes. i feel bad for poking fun at you for the riddle school series. I didnt know you were so tortured by it. You should like do something else, maybe even something else creatively outside of the web if you have alot of drama going on and you feel you have too much responsibility to a series you have no attachment to?

Don't feel bad. I guess I could try something outside of the web. That's honestly an option I haven't considered.

Really depressing stuff, usually I go jump on a trampoline for a few hours when I start to have emotions :)
Try it, it's fun!!

I'd try that if we still had a trampoline. That sounds helpful.

@hiii111, If you are talking about the monologue, than you sir, are an absolutely horrible person. He basically poured his freaking heart out and you don't even care! And to think that Jonbro put effort into a game so he can get crapped on by people like you. You are an absolute waste of human flesh. If you didn't watch it at all then you should. Maybe watch it making a completely inconsiderate and horrid comment.

I'm not sure what he was referring to but I just ignored the comment.

Dear JonBro, as you know, iphonecity was a really big fan of you. But...i made a new account because i thought the name was stuipid. So, if you see any comments by me, it's the original iphonecity.

also i wouldn't enjoy your RT if you didn't enjoy making them if you dont like doing it then just put it to an end now they escaped into the sewers and got out the end. no one is your boss over the internet!

How seriously did you consider suicide? (If you aren't comfortable with the question you don't have to answer).

Make something new and amazing that'll make everyone forget the riddle series ever happened. You don't have to make something you don't want to, and your fans will probably be more pleased with something else that you actually preferred to work on.

I always try to work on something new and amazing, but it's always so hard to stay on track. Ooh, that reminds me, I need to finish a movie I started making a few years ago.

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